Military Laser Module
Military Laser Module
Type LaserIcon Gadget
Price $0 (Free) / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Blue Eagle Packages
Stability Varies
Concealment Varies
Internal name wpn_fps_upg_fl_ass_peq15

The Military Laser Module is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of the Gage Mod Courier DLC.

To acquire one you will have to find and collect 20 Blue Eagle packages that are randomly hidden around heists. Once you have found 20 you will receive a Blue Crate that contains this item.


The Military Laser Module is a multifunctional Gadget that can toggle between a green laser pointer to assist in shooting from the hip and a flashlight to help see in dark areas. It also slightly increases stability at the cost of concealment.

With the release of the Butcher Mod Pack 2 and the LED Combo, the Military Laser Module is a poorer choice as the LED Combo has the same concealment penalty but typically offers a greater stability bonus. Exceptions include the AMCAR, JP36, Gecko 7.62, SpecOps, and Jacket's Piece. On these weapons, the LED Combo and Military Laser Module have identical stability bonuses. On the other hand; the Military Laser Module can be obtained for free. Another bonus is the position of the laser; while with the Butcher Mod Pack 2's LED Combo the laser is positioned farther from the barrel, thus making it less accurate, the Military Laser Module's laser is positioned closer to the barrel, and is thus the better choice for more accurate hip-fire.

  • To activate the Military Laser Module on PC, press "Q".
  • To activate the Military Laser Module with a connected Controller, press down on the "D-pad".

Compatible weaponsEdit

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