Pistol Messiah

Fugitive: Revenant Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): While in bleedout, you can revive yourself if you kill an enemy. You only have 1 charge.
Ace (8 pt): Your Messiah charge is replenished whenever you use a doctor bag.


When incapacitated, the user is given a chance to revive himself if an enemy (or converted unit) is killed by said user during bleedout. However, if the user is fully incapacitated (cannot use a weapon), Messiah will not be available to use, even if the user has killed an enemy target.


It is imperative to ace Messiah as the basic skill is almost meaningless due to it having one single charge that cannot be replenished.

Unlike its predecessor, users are not restricted to have at least one pistol to use. Any weapon can be used, be it a rifle or a grenade launcher, on any enemy. The biggest difference is, users in bleedout mode can choose at will if they want to use Messiah by pressing the space bar after killing at least one enemy NPC. As such, Messiah users can still kill as many law enforcement without "wasting" a charge. However, at any point if the player is fully incapacitated, Messiah cannot be used regardless if a target is killed prior.

Swan Song is sometimes paired, to allow users to reach a more suitable spot to weaken or kill an NPC if teammates cannot provide assistance. Incendiary ammunition should be used on common enemies during Swan Song and after being incapacitated, the player can have a greater chance to revive himself. If not available, stunning an enemy target with electrical melee weapons or the Kunai Knife before Swan Song ends is an alternative solution.

Messiah can also be used on dominated and converted law enforcement as a last resort.

Pistol Messiah

Pistol Messiah
Mastermind Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): When in bleedout, you are instantly revived if you kill an enemy with a pistol. You only have 1 charge. You will replenish your charge when you get out of custody.
Ace (8 pt): You gain an additional 2 charges. You will replenish your charges when you get out of custody.


Players start every day with 1 charge (3 if the skill is aced), and can only replenish them by finishing the day, or by escaping custody. By killing an enemy with a single pistol when incapacitated, players with at least one charge will instantly revive themselves with the appropriate amount of health. The ability only works on hostile NPCs; killing a converted enemy or civilian does not activate the ability.

The skill works on all enemies as long as a pistol is used; though significantly harder, players can even self-revive by killing special enemies (such as a Bulldozer). However, the skill requires the player to use their weapon, meaning it cannot be used when hit by a Cloaker's charge attack, or electrocuted unconscious by a Taser.

As of Update 46, this skill can now be triggered with Akimbo pistol weapons but only if Die Hard has been obtained.


Unless you have fired while in bleedout, enemies will not fire at you, so waiting for the right opening is key. Bulldozers are an exception to this; they will fire at players in bleedout at all times.

Even if the skill aced, you can only refill charges by entering custody, so use them wisely; if one or more teammates are nearby and handling hostiles, save your charge for later. For that reason, it's highly recommended players buy the Enforcer's Die Hard skill to allow primary weapons when downed should players wish to cover allies instead of reviving themselves (and in doing so, save a charge for later use).

It is important to remember that a self revive can prevent failure under the right circumstances, especially if the rest of the crew is down. Furthermore, in public games, it is possible that less-skilled players would be less willing to revive you. Thus, players should consider this skill if they decided to spend most of the time in public games, as well as any harder and Pro heists. Additionally, this skill combined with the Inspire aced skill can be very useful if other members of the crew are down and you are able to revive yourself.

A major drawback of this skill is that it requires one to explicitly use a pistol during bleedout, thus restricting the player's available loadout and (potentially) their overall power. Because of this, it would be advisable to also get the pistol buff skills from Mastermind, such as Gunslinger and Equilibrium. Also of interest is the Aced version of the tier 1 Technician skill Nerves of Steel, as it allows the use of sights while in bleedout. A skill also worth considering is Silent Killer, as in combination with a high-damaging pistol and a suppressor with a low damage penalty (or none at all), a player should have little difficulty killing an enemy while downed.

Pistol Messiah can also work on dominated law enforcement officers. This should only be used as a last resort, if enemies are not present or too far away for whatever reason.


  • When using a Pistol Messiah charge, it will not apply revival skill bonuses.

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