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Enemy Type Combat Medic
Health 300 (Normal)
300 (Hard)
600 (Very Hard)
900 (Overkill)
1,800 (Mayhem/Death Wish)
2,700 (One Down)
Headshot Multiplier 2 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
4 (Very Hard)
6 (Overkill)
3 (Mayhem/Death Wish)
3 (One Down)
Spawn Limit 0 (Normal)
0 (Hard)
0 (Very Hard)
3 (Overkill)
3 (Mayhem/Death Wish)
3 (One Down)
In order to increase the life expectancy of police officers when facing the immense firepower of the PAYDAY Gang, the Washington Metro Police has finally received much needed reinforcements. Well-trained, armed Medic units can now provide instant first aid during combat, keeping officers in the fight for longer. Though some of the more jaded veterans in the force are commenting that these new guys just became a new priority target...
The Medic is a special unit added on Day 6 of Hoxton's Housewarming Party as one of the SWAT's game changers. His healing ability instantly restores the health of any law enforcer he focuses on, allowing them to survive even otherwise fatal shots. The Medic spawns only on Overkill and above.


"These armed combat Medics are sent into dangerous situations in order to increase the survivability of other officers in the operation. They are very effective in combination with other, heavier units. But precisely because of this, they are unfortunately often targeted first by any heavily-armed criminals looking to take on a police SWAT team.
My Notes: Finally. These guys might be just what we needed to tilt the balance. The casualty rates have been far too high, and it’s a long game. Losing fewer officers in combat might mean we’ll ultimately have the manpower to last the whole distance in this war on crime.
—FBI Files Description

Medics wear red and white gear with a green balaclava, making them easy to notice, and can be armed with assault rifles and shotguns. Despite being just as well-armed as other enforcers, their purpose in combat is not offensive. As healers, they provide medical support for other on-site law enforcers and prolong their life expectancy when engaged in firefights with the player crew. As with most special units, the Medic speaks in a radio-distorted voice, though to a much lesser degree.

Medics are actually easier to spot on higher difficulties, especially on One Down due to their distinctive outfit.


Despite their relatively higher health compared to other light special units like Tasers and Cloakers, Medics are much weaker in combat due to them lacking the former two's direct offensive capabilities. On their own, Medics are rather squishy even on One Down mode and generally cannot take much damage before dying. Because of this, the Medic AI is scripted to improve its own survivability in combat by forcing the unit to stick with their comrades as appropriate for their role. Medics tend to hide behind other advancing units which serve as their meatshield that soaks up the incoming damage from the players, while they themselves will heal any damage the crew may have inflicted upon the frontliners.

Medics behave much like a regular law enforcer, usually firing upon the players while moving to cover if he has line of sight to them. If a Medic spots an injured law enforcer nearby, he will crouch and open his healthkit, healing them. A law enforcer being healed will sport a bright green aura. Medics have a cooldown in between heals.

Although Medics are designed to heal law enforcers, they may attempt other tasks to hinder the PAYDAY crew such as interfering hacking efforts.


Quite obviously, the Medic should be treated as a priority target if one is spotted in the field. Being capable of restoring any enemy unit to full health, the Medic can prove rather problematic if paired with Bulldozers or Tasers, which is further made worse by their tendency to hang behind said units during a shootout, making them much harder to hit. If not targeted, they can help reduce a fair amount of damage the crew inflicts and prolong the fight. Even worse, the biggest threat of the Medic is he can heal the Shield units of Captain Winters' detail, prolonging the assault wave further and making them more resistant to damage. This can be worsened if the medic is right behind them.

Medics also tend to stay in or behind groups of enemies for cover and generally do not pursue heisters, often preventing an opportunity to eliminate them. As such, other enemies can rush into areas where players are taking cover and can be healed if damaged.

The Medic's key weakness is while healing a law enforcer, he cannot move nor attack for the duration and must rely on the assistance of nearby units. The unit being healed by the medic is also affected the same way and will cease fire on a target. It is imperative to either quickly kill enemies near the medic or try to separate them. Even dominating common units that were healed by the medic can be a viable strategy to fight against medics.

The Molotov Cocktail and Incendiary grenades are excellent to use, as they can cover a wide area and constantly damage units caught in the blaze. Medics will not be able to counter the constant damage as easily and they will prioritize healing them which prevents said units to escape the fire. As a result, players can use less ammo to kill burning law enforcement, if given the right circumstances.

If said weapons and a steady incendiary arsenal is not available, utilizing explosive weaponry, like a HE loaded shotgun, can damage and potentially stun common units and most special enemies, thus making it harder for medics to heal them all quickly. This creates an open window to quickly kill them.

Another option could be to take them out from afar with a sniper rifle, where you won't have to be close to so many cops getting healed. But due to the fact he tends to hide behind other officers, landing shots on him might be more difficult as he isn't on the front lines like other Specials such as the Bulldozer.

Finally, the Buzzer, the Electrical Brass Knuckles, and a thrown Concussion Grenade can stun a medic as a last resort, preventing him from healing a targeted unit and allowing a chance to eliminate the medic. The Kunai Knife is not as effective as the Medic will not be stunned as long as most other units.

It can be a pain if there are 2 medics nearby and they heal each other, the best thing to do is kill one while the other's ability is on cooldown.


PAYDAY 2 - Medic Voicelines06:13

PAYDAY 2 - Medic Voicelines


  • One of the Medics in the announcement comic strip on Day 6 appears to have a pillow or ice pack roped to his helmet.
  • In reality, the use of a police medical unit is very scarce and highly impractical logistic-wise due to the generally small scale of any would-be police-vs-criminal standoff.
    • Even on the off chance that medical care is warranted, the wounded units are usually retrieved by on-site EMTs to a nearby medical station for healing instead of being treated immediately by a single medic, as it is unlikely there can be enough supplies carried by a single unit for full treatment.
    • Usually, units wounded to the point of requiring medical help cannot be quickly fixed up to rejoin the fight like portrayed in the game.
    • However, given the rather ridiculous amount of in-game law enforcers on the site, a medic would likely be the only way to maintain the health of the police troops that still allow them to fight back when needed.
  • The lines spoken by the medic are more reserved and less threatening compared to the other special units.
    • Based on his quotes, the Medic is convinced that the police always win and yells at the crew to give up, even though he carries low-tier weaponry and armor compared to the other special units.
    • Given that a Medic's primary role is to provide medical support and not offensive, it makes sense for them to not actively try to threaten the player crew, though their firing behavior is dependent on their AI base.
    • While having unlimited supplies, a Medic may occasionally mention a shortage of morphine or painkillers.
  • Killing a medic will attain the player a "Violation of Geneva Convention Article 24 (Protection of Permanent Personnel)" crime onto their profile in FBI Files. In the real world however, this protection is only granted upon protected personnel who do not retaliate towards attackers violently. Given the ingame nature of the Medics, they would have been revoked of this protection since they will attack the crew on sight. Regardless, players will still have this crime recorded onto their profile even after killing a retaliating medic, who would have already been revoked of the said protection.
    • Additionally, being wanted for this crime would declare the PAYDAY gang as war criminals for the killing of protected personnel. This may be considered ironic as the crew were not declared war criminals even though they are known to sometimes, intentionally or accidentally, kill hostages during heists.
  • Due to them not having a unique regional model, American Medics will inexplicably appear in the Boiling Point heist. They do speak Russian, however.
  • They are able to heal through walls which can be pretty problematic and annoying in indoor heists like Panic Room.
  • If an enemy unit is killed while being healed, usually by means of an adequately powerful attack such as with the Thanatos .50 cal or reasonably modified shotgun, their corpse would still be highlighted green for a few seconds after dying. This can also happen if the Medic is to be killed quickly.


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