Note: In Update #100, the effects of Mag Plus were revised and moved to Close By Ace, Surefire Basic, and Gun Nut Basic. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Mag Plus

Mag Plus
Technician Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): Your weapon magazine capacity is increased by 5 rounds.
Ace (8 pt): Further increases your weapon magazine capacity by 10 rounds.


This skill is highly useful if the player has a powerful, small magazine weapon (say, an M308) but finds its effectiveness somewhat limited by the need to reload frequently. Fundamentally this skill acts as a semi-permanent Extended Mag to most weapons, as it grants one a total of 15 extra rounds per mag, but the total ammo count remains unchanged. If you find yourself reloading too often mid-firefight you may find Mag Plus a great solution.

On the other hand, players using high-fire rate weapons on auto fire may find themselves wasting more ammo and a larger magazine capacity will make the player more vulnerable to emptying their ammo reserves while being electrocuted by a Taser. 

In short, Mag Plus fills a very niche role that can, and in some cases should, be replaced by a given weapon's Extended Mag modification, and is purely a matter of preference. It can be of arguable usefulness to a firearm without a magazine modification, or an augmentation to one that does but the amount gained from modding is still inadequate, though its position on the Technician skill tree mean it may never see effective use.

It should be noted that Mag Plus does not work on sniper rifles, the Mosconi 12G, OVE9000, The Judge, Bronco .44, GL40, HRL-7, Joceline O/U 12G, Piglet, or China Puff 40mm. However, it counts double for Akimbo weapons, meaning that Basic grants 10 more rounds per magazine, while Ace grants 30.

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