Lumber Lite L2
Lumber Lite L2
Unlock Level 23
Inventory Slot Melee
Melee Type Axe • Sharp
Damage 70 165 260 355 450
Knockdown 70 165 260 355 450
Charge Time 0s 1s 2s 3s 4s
Range 1.85 meters
Concealment 25
Internal name cs
For those more intimate fights, bring your Lumber Lite L2. A roaming, frothing madness of a chainsaw. No one wants to get close when you are swinging this heavy metal beast, trust us on that one. For those enemies that are really hard to break open.

The Lumber Lite L2 is a melee weapon available in PAYDAY 2, added as part of the Scarface Character Pack.


The Lumber Lite L2 is a small chainsaw that deals high damage and knockdown with relatively slow strikes and can be charged up to deal even more pain.

Stats-wise, it is not a very impressive piece both in terms of DPS and Concealment, and should be replaced by other, more dedicated melee weapons.


  • It is recommended that players prepare a charge before attacking enemies.
  • If a player wishes for more damage, it is recommended that they get Berserker, Pumping Iron and Bloodthirst Aced from the Brawler skill tree.
  • If a player wishes for more knockdown, use Martial Arts Aced.


  • The Lumber Lite L2 was modeled after the Homelite Super 2 chainsaw used in Scarface to dismember and kill Angel Fernández.
  • The Lumber Lite L2 does not need to be jumpstarted with a ripcord during gameplay. Scarface does pull on the cord on his character pack announcement site, however.
  • Charging the Lumber Lite will not draw the attention of surrounding NPCs during stealth despite the incredibly noisy engine and blade motor.


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