Note: This page describes a feature that has been removed from the current version of the game. This skill was replaced by Camera Loop in Update #25. This skill is still available on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions.

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm
Ghost Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): Your chance of getting a higher quality item during a PAYDAY is increased by 50%.
Ace (8 pt): Your chance is further increased by 200%.


This skill increases the chance to receive an infamous item during a PAYDAY by the listed amount. Masks are generally the most sought after Infamous item, and with the odds of this skill mean that if a mask is selected in the PAYDAY card screen, there is a 10% chance that it will be an Infamous mask. David Goldfarb, the development director of Payday 2, tweeted that in reality the statistical likelihood is much lower.


This skill has no impact on gameplay during a heist. Its only benefit is during the payday, when it increases the chance of an infamous item drop by the listed amount. Players seeking highly efficient builds should likely not invest in this skill, as it has no use in a heist, whereas players seeking to farm items will benefit greatly from this skill.

To farm cards effectively, players will likely wish to complete a simple and quick heist. Jewelry Store is the ideal candidate for this mission, because it can be completed by a group of players in under 30 seconds, and the contract is cheap to purchase. Even a solitary player with an ECM jammer can complete the mission in a short amount of time, maximizing the number of cards earned in a short period.

Players who have invested in the first Infamy tier can expect a much higher drop rate.


  • The skill's icon is a four leaf clover, a notorious symbolistic sign of luck.
  • The skill isn't exactly wrong when it states that it grants a 250% total increase, but the Tier 6 Ghost Bonus of 10% will always be applied, as the skill is Tier 6. This makes a grand total of 260%
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