Low Profile Suppressor
Low Profile Suppressor
Type SuppressorIcon Barrel Extension
Price $21,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Card Drop & Side Job
Damage Varies
Threat Varies
Internal name wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_smg_small

The Low Profile Suppressor is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Low Profile Suppressor is a rifle barrel extension that suppresses the weapon in exchange for a severe damage penalty, as the violent gas redirection slashes the exit velocity by 30-40% depending on the gun, more than the aced Silent Killer skill can compensate. However, the suppressor is so remarkably small for a rifle module that it doesn't have any issues with concealment.

The major drawbacks make it a sensible option only if the heist never goes loud or in the case you have a backup weapon strong enough to carry the ensuing firefight alone.

Like the other variants, it completely nullifies the Threat value of all submachine guns, all assault rifles aside from the heaviest battle rifles and the RPK. The suppressed Brenner 21 is left with 10 threat, the KSP and M308 are both left with 8, the Gewehr 3 is left with 4 and the Gecko 7.62 is left with 2.

Compatible weaponsEdit

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