Lock N' Load

Lock N' Load
Technician: Oppressor Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You can now hip-fire with your weapons while sprinting.
Ace (6 pt): Killing 2 enemies with SMGs, LMGs, Assault Rifles or Special Weapons set on automatic fire mode will increase your next reload speed by up to 100%. This bonus is reduced by 1% for each bullet above 20 in the total magazine size, down to a minimum of 40% reload speed increase.


The Basic version of this skill will allow you to fire all your weapons while sprinting, while the Aced version lets you reduce the time of your next reload using the listed weapons only.


The basic skill of Lock N' Load should be paired with Fire Control and Steady Grip, due to a sharp decrease in accuracy. It is favored by players who constantly move and if cover is not available.

The aced version goes well for players that spray bullets and it can be handy to have a decrease in the time to reload when the need arises. However, it can be questionable at times if a user has a large magazine weapon such as LMGs or Quadstack Magazine Assault Rifles. Regardless, even the 20% reduction is better than nothing if a weapon has a long reload time, like a LMG.

Since the aced skill favors automatic weapons that have 20 bullets or less, it can be valued by Dodge players that have applied magazine mods to increase concealment and reduce ammo, like the Vintage Mag.


  • Despite the skill icon depicting a heister firing his shotgun, Lock N' Load is of the Technician tree, which does not solely benefit shotguns. As a matter of fact, shotguns would receive little to no benefit from it at all apart from the ability to hipfire them on the run.
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