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Lab Rats
Heist Info
Contractor Events
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✘
Loot Jewelry
Assault Rifles
Almir's Toast
Half Meth
Experience {{{exp}}}
Internal name
Achievement(s) Not Scary Enough Skill Shot Trick or Treat!

Lab Rats was originally a Halloween-exclusive one-day heist that takes place in Cook Off. After much demand, it was made a permanent addition to the game. It was released on October 29, 2015. [1]


  1. Add the Pills
  2. Add up the ingredients
  3. Break the Meth
  4. Secure the Meth
  5. (optional) Cook more Meth
  6. Escape


Once you grab the ingredients it is recommended that you move them all up to the upper section of the map (where the meth lab is), and find somewhere defensible (the area where the Caustic Soda is is recommended, as you are near both ingredient spots, and there is a large, flat plane, easily defensible). If you need to get to the bottom level quickly, you can jump from the top level off onto a pink-and-purple towel. You will not incur any fall damage, and there are a few dotted around the table (Including one underneath where the NecroCloaker's safe rests, so players can assemble at it quickly). You can run across cables and wires connecting bottles together, although the cops can also do this. They can also either push you off the top level with melee attacks, or disorientate you with smoke grenades or flashbangs, so be cautious when running along a cable.

Neither the NecroCloaker nor the Spider will appear while the first round of Meth is being created, only afterwards. Titandozers will however spawn on Overkill or Death Wish at any time, which can be a great hazard when playing with AI, as they will be frequently downed by the Titandozer(s).

When the NecroCloaker appears, the safe in front of him will be marked out. All players must assemble inside the ring area to start the countdown on the safe. If one player leaves the ring area at any time, the countdown stops, the safe remains locked, and the NecroCloaker disappears. During the countdown, police will swarm the ring with all types of enemies, including specials like Cloakers and Bulldozers. Snipers will also appear on the meth lab objects to cause further chaos. Whether or not the safe gets opened (By either someone leaving the ring, or everyone surviving the countdown), all the swarming police will immediately disappear. Once the timer reaches zero, all players must immediately vacate the ring as the NecroCloaker performs a kick onto the safe, causing it to explode (Any players still in proximity to the safe when this happens will be downed by the explosion) while spawning a Titandozer and several bags of Jewelry, Weapons, and one bag of Almir's Toast.


You will need to grab ingredients from certain locations and actually bring them to the lab, then throw them in. Please note that the ingredients are actual bags, though these are lightweight, and can be carried while sprinting. You then have to throw them into the correct container, in the order that Bain demands, like in Rats. Once all 3 bags of one type of chemical have been entered into their container, Bain will pick out the next chemical to be added. If at any point the wrong chemical is added or a chemical is thrown into the wrong container, the entire map will be nuked, downing every player and ending the heist in failure. Once all 9 bags have been emptied into the 3 chemical containers, a round of meth will appear on a tray on the far end of the map opposing the start point. This must be sufficiently broken up via damage before it can be bagged (Recyclable throwables such as Shurikens and especially Javelins are capable of doing this as well as melee weaponry, permitting players to conserve ammo).

Bain will give instructions on how to cook throughout the heist, though is not always completely accurate. Below, the "Update #89" gives the current cooking instructions, while the instructions in the "Prior to Update #89" tab are no longer used in the heist.

NOTE: In multiplayer, the required ingredient is synchronized across all players, but the dialogue from Bain is not.

Bain's instructions were updated with the 2015 Halloween event. Instead of having set lines for the individual ingredients, Bain has numerous lines for cooking. However, unlike prior to the update, where he was really only incorrect on occasion when hydrogen chloride was required, he has a number of lines where he's incorrect, though he will correct himself shortly afterwards and state the right ingredient. He also has a multitude of non-unique correct lines for what ingredient to put in.

Bain is wrong when he says:

  • Now we need... I'm going with (ingredient). Hold up!
  • Uh... mhm...We'll go with (ingredient). Nope, that's not it!
  • Alright, next ingredient...(ingredient)? Sorry, that wasn't right.
  • Alright, let's see...We'll go with (ingredient). Strike that.
  • Hold on... I'm going with (ingredient). Wait a minute!

After saying one of the wrong lines, he corrects himself, saying the right ingredient:

  • It's supposed to be (ingredient)! Pour it in.
  • It's supposed to be (ingredient)! That should get the process going.
  • I messed up. It should'a been (ingredient). That should get it on.
  • I messed up. It should'a been (ingredient). Pour it in.
  • We need (ingredient)!
  • That should'a been (ingredient)! ...unless I've missed something...
  • ...(ingredient)?...I'm XX% sure.
  • By method of elimination it has to be (ingredient). ...what's the worst that could happen, right?
  • My bad. It's (ingredient). Add some.

Bain is right when he says:

  • Uh, I hope I got this right... (ingredient)? ...I'm XX% sure.
  • Uh. I hope I got this right... (ingredient)? You got any of that lying around?
  • Uh. I hope I got this right... We'll go with (ingredient). ...I...think.
  • Okay, what's next... (ingredient)? ...I'm XX% sure.
  • Okay, what's next... Oh I'm going with (ingredient).'s a toss-up, really.
  • Okay, what comes after that... We'll go with (ingredient). That should get the process going.
  • Okay, what comes after that... (ingredient). That should get the process going.
  • Okay, what comes after that... It's (ingredient). That should get it on.
  • Uh... mhm... It's (ingredient). ...that's my very best guess.
  • Uh... mhm... (ingredient). ...this website better be accurate.
  • Uh... mhm... (ingredient). That should get it on.
  • Uh... mhm... (ingredient)? ...IF my calculations are correct.
  • Uh... mhm... (ingredient)? ...and kiss your lucky charms.
  • Uh... mhm... I'm going with (ingredient). Go for it.
  • Alright, next ingredient... We'll go with (ingredient). That should get the process going.
  • Alright, next ingredient... We'll go with (ingredient). ...I'm XX% sure.
  • Alright, let's see... (ingredient). ...I think so, at least.
  • Alright, let's see... (ingredient). ...I think so, at least.
  • Alright, let's see... (ingredient)? ...yeah... yeah.
  • Alright, let's see... (ingredient)? ...I'm XX% sure.
  • Alright, let's see... It's (ingredient). ...unless I've missed something...
  • Uh, I hope I got this right... (ingredient)? You got any of that lying around?
  • Uh, I hope I got this right... We'll go with (ingredient). ...for sure. Or, most likely.
  • Now we need... It's (ingredient). ...that's my best guess.
  • Now we need... We'll go with (ingredient). ...I'm XX% sure.
  • Now we need... We'll go with (ingredient). ...what's the worst that could happen, right?
  • Now we need... I'm going with (ingredient). ...these internet descriptions are iffy at best.
  • Hold on... (ingredient). I'm XX% sure.
  • Uh, if I read this correctly... uh... Oh I'm going with (ingredient). ...I'm XX% sure.

Wrong and right periods have a triple sentence structure. Each of the three sentences are randomly combined. The only reliable sentence that will reveal previous statement right or wrong is the last (i.e.: "...I'm 54% sure").

Correction periods have a double sentence structure. Both sentences will always reveal that the immediate information given is correct.

Examples of last sentences on false previous information:

  • Hold up!
  • Nope, that's not it!
  • Sorry, that wasn't right.
  • Strike that.
  • Wait a minute!

Examples of last sentences on true previous information:

  • ...I'm XX% sure.
  • ...I...think.
  •'s a toss-up, really.
  • ...that's my very best guess.
  • ...I think so, at least.
  • ...this website better be accurate.
  • ...IF my calculations are correct.
  • ...and kiss your lucky charms.
  • ...for sure. Or, most likely.
  • ...yeah... yeah.
  • ...unless I've missed something...
  • ...what's the worst that could happen, right?
  • ...these internet descriptions are iffy at best.
  • Go for it.
  • You got any of that lying around?
  • That should get the process going.
  • That should get it on.

Ambiguous or incorrect instructions from Bain are shown in boldface below.

Add muriatic acid if you hear:

  • Acid, guys, acid. Get some and pour it in there.
  • Add muriatic acid, to continue the process!
  • Ah, OK... Muria, muriatic acid. Add more.
  • Cooking away fine - needs more acid though.
  • Hm, yeah it is not caustic soda... Yeah. It should be acid. Yep, sure that is it.
  • I'm 100% it is muriatic acid now. Just add it.
  • Looking at this site... Says acid is used in this step... We got muriatic, right?
  • Mu... Muriatic acid - we need some more in there.
  • OK, so add caustic... No, wait, add acid - muriatic acid.

Add caustic soda if you hear:

  • Add caustic soda to continue the process!
  • Caustic basic reaction is now added. OK you got any soda around? Add it.
  • Caustic chloride. Says it is liquid form... Wait a minute... Should be soda, right?
  • Caustic soda - yep, that's it. Go for it.
  • I'm 100% it is some caustic soda needed here. Drop some in.
  • I'm just guessing at this point... These internet descriptions are iffy.
  • It needs hydrogen chloride, for sure... OK wait, soda... Yeah, caustic soda!
  • Says we need club soda to get this temperature up... Sounds odd. What can you get?
  • Try caustic soda....Or hydrogen... No no, wait, soda... Go for that. Yeah.

Add hydrogen chloride if you hear:

  • Add hydrogen chloride to continue the process!
  • Caustic chloride. Says it is some solid form... Wait a... Should be that hydrogen, right?
  • Fuck me, we needed those cooks. I'm going with chloride.
  • Fuck me, we needed those cooks. I'm going with hydrogen.
  • Fuck me, we needed those damn cooks. I'm going with caustic soda.
  • Hydrogen... Is that a gas... Can't be a solid... Says add it. You guys got a gas tank?
  • I'm not 100% but I think it is hydrogen chloride now. Yep, should be.
  • It needs hydrogen chloride - for sure.
  • It needs hydrogen chloride, for sure... No, no wait... Yeah, OK.
  • This site says something else... Chloride soda hydrogen mix. I don't know, go for it - something.


Not Scary Enough Not Scary Enough
Complete the Lab Rats job on the Death Wish difficulty.
Skill Shot Skill Shot
In the Lab Rats job, secure a bag in the secret area. Unlocks the "Invader" mask.
Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
In the Lab Rats job, complete the Cloaker event on OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Satan" mask.

The following appeared on October 28, 2015.

Achievement locked Trick
Achievement locked Treat

The Or teaser achievement was added to previously released teaser on October 29, 2015. They were replaced on October 29, 2015.

Achievement locked Trick
Achievement locked Treat
Achievement locked Or


  • Enemies waiting outside the starting truck when the door opens can vary between any combination of specials. Most of these enemies can be dealt with by simply using a grenade on them.
    1. Bulldozer, Shields (2)
    2. Bulldozer
    3. Shields (3)
    4. Taser, Shields (2)
    5. Taser, Bulldozer
    6. Taser, Cloaker
    7. Cloakers (2)
  • On Overkill and Death Wish a few ziplines are removed from the map, most notably one in the middle near the Safe Event point. Headless Bulldozers will also periodically spawn, and the spiders that appear at the edges of the table occasionally do not wait for a single batch of meth to be made to spawn.


  • The term "lab rats" is an overt pun based on the comically shrunken size of the characters and the fact that the heist takes place in a meth lab. It is also in reference to the fact that this map was based on Cook Off/Day 1 of Rats, or a combination of both.
  • Lab Rats was originally planned to be a limited-feature seasonal heist that was going to be removed alongside the 2015 rendition of Safe House Nightmare when the Halloween event ended, though due to its unexpected popularity, the map was incorporated into the game as a permanent contract in Update #90.
  • Lab Rats is the first heist where bag contents can be identified by their respective colors.
  • On the side of the map opposite of where the crew starts, the Witch from the Left 4 Dead series can be heard crying.
  • "Honey, I Shrunk the Heisters!" on the poster in the announcement site is a reference to the 1989 film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • Additionally, Bain makes multiple references to games, TV shows, and film, mainly horror.
    • At the start of the heist, Bain may say "Do you want to play a game? A meth-cooking game?", a reference to a quote from Jigsaw in the 2006 film Saw III.
    • He may randomly say "I want to hear a cry of fear from those cops!", referencing the psychological/survival horror game Cry of Fear. The creator of the game, Andreas Rönnberg, is a level designer at Overkill.[2]
    • He also randomly says "Keep fending off the armies of darkness," referencing the 1992 film Army of Darkness.
    • While cooking, Bain may say "It's alive! Alive!", a famous quote originating from the 1931 film Frankenstein.
    • When the bags of ingredients are thrown into the cooking implements, Bain may say "Here's Johnny!". This is a reference to the British-American psychological horror film The Shining.
    • Whenever a police assault commences, Bain may say "One, two, cops are coming for you...", a reference to the modified nursery rhyme from the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, "One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You".



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