Note: In Update #100, Kilmer's basic effects were revised and moved to Aggressive Reload, the aced version's accuracy-increasing effect was buffed and moved to the aced version of Rifleman, and its reload-while-sprinting effect was moved to the aced version of Parkour. This skill is still available on the console versions.


Mastermind Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): Increases your reload speed with assault rifles and sniper rifles by 25%.
Ace (8 pt): Your weapon accuracy while moving with assault rifles and sniper rifles is increased by 50% and you can now reload your weapons while sprinting.


This skill sees extensive use if one has a sniper rifle or assault rifle as their preferred primary. The basic version of the skill augments the reload speed of those weapons by 25%, thereby reducing the amount of time one has to spend reloading their weapons in combat, making them less vulnerable to enemy fire and allowing one to retaliate sooner. This skill is beneficial to all manners of assault/sniper rifles, as it speeds up the slow-reload ones (Thanatos .50 cal) and making the fast-reload ones (Falcon) even faster.

However, the Ace effect of Kilmer is only useful if one spends most of their time in combat running around the combat zone as it reduces the radius of the bullet spread induced by movement by 50%. Furthermore, it also comes in handy only if one sprints around when they reload (i.e. topping off when fleeing from a fight; dodging incoming bullets; etc.), otherwise it is unnecessary to have.

It is worth noting that, unlike the Man of Iron skill in the Enforcer tree that bears similarities to Kilmer, the Mastermind skill will not affect or change the look or manner of which a player sprints.


  • The skill's name is likely a reference to American actor Val Kilmer, who starred in the crime film Heat in which he can be seen reloading his assault rifle only once during the bank heist fire fight. 
  • As of Update #39, this skill has been moved from the right side of Mastermind's tier 5 to the left. It was replaced by Partner In Crime and it replaced Black Marketeer. This change has no effect on gameplay.
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