Technician: Breacher Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Your drills and saws gain an additional 20% chance to automatically restart after breaking.
Ace (6 pt): Enables the ability to reset a broken drill or saw with a melee attack. The ability has a 50% chance to fix the drill or saw. The ability can only be used once per time the drill or saw is broken. Note: Skill does not affect the OVE9000 saw.


The basic effect increases your chance to auto-restart by 20%. This can stack with a Hardware Expert's Aced effect. Only one Kickstarter upgrade can be applied at a time. This effect is applied upon placing a drill, upgrading a drill without this effect, or repairing a drill without this effect.

You can, once per break, try to fix the drill by hitting it with your melee weapon. This has a 50% chance of success. The limit is bound to a player, not a drill, so a full team with 4 people all having this skill aced get 4 shots.


This skill's basic version gives a chance of the drill restarting, reducing the amount of attention players need to give drills with this upgrade. It takes a few seconds after breaking down for the drill to automatically reset, so one should still keep an eye on the drill in case the basic skill doesn't activate. As the chance is counted for once, the first drill will make the players aware if they can leave the drill to fend for itself (auto-restarter) till completion, or manual repairs are needed per break.

The aced version makes the basic hardly important if the player with this skill is close by the drill. A 50% chance of fixing with a melee hit can significantly decrease the amount of time tending to the drill in case the basic version fails to activate. To repair a drill swiftly, it is recommended to bring a fast-swinging, long-reaching melee weapon, for example the Shinsakuto Katana.


  • Both basic and aced effect don't work on saws.
  • Melee-fixing a drill with fewer upgrades than you have will not upgrade the drill.


  • "Kickstarting" refers to the act of striking or bumping against a device that either causes it to start working or resume operation if broken. This being an example of the Percussive Maintenance trope, it could've been inspired by any work featuring the trope.
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