Calling CrewmatesEdit

(Note: this list exempts all callouts that completely match the heister's actual name.)

Played after crewmate callout:

  • "Follow me!"
  • "After me, mate!"
  • "On me, mate!"
  • "Come on, mate!"

Assault Wave callouts:

  • "Wickety Wick!"
  • "Wiiiiiiiiiick!"
  • "Four leaf fucking Clover!"
  • "Oy, Wolfy!"
  • *howls* "Wolf!"
  • "EY! LOOK AT ME YOU BEAST!" (calling Wolf)
  • "Oy, Gyro!" (mispronunciation of Jiro)

Masking upEdit

  • "Forgive me father for I have SIIIIIINNEEEED!"
  • "Alright, it's fucking war!"
  • "Alright *sniff* this will be awesome..this will be fucking awesome!"
  • "Wait, Waitwaitwait... *long sniff* OK! We're good! Yeah! Let's go!"
  • "Wait wait wait, one more... *long sniff* ...Okay yeah!"
  • *snort* For fucks sake, keep the civilians down guys".
  • "This is fucking war baby, this is fucking war!"
  • "Boys and girls... *sniff* time to fuck shit up!"
  • *breathless* "Let's go... *sniff* let's go!"

Heist successEdit

  • "I fuckin' like you guys! No! I fucking love you!"
  • "Yeah! Mission complete!"
  • "Woohooo!"
  • "Woohoo..." (breathless)
  • "I can be sneaky too!" (After completing a stealth mission)
  • "That... went fucking perfect!"
  • "That was WILLLLD, boys and girls!"


Spotting a CameraEdit

  • "Camera."
  • "Security camera."
  • "Security camera over there."
  • "Camera, watch it...."
  • "Camera, watch it mate...."

Spotting a GuardEdit

  • "Guard, stay quiet."
  • "Guard, stay back."
  • "Guard on patrol."
  • "Guard, careful."
  • "Stay back."
  • "It's a guard."
  • "Look out, guard."
  • "Watch out, it's a guard."

Health and BleedoutEdit

During bleedout Edit

Played after crewmate callout:

  • "Raise Jimmy from the dead!"
  • "Help me up!"
  • "Jimmy needs a hand!"
  • "Heeeelp me!"
  • "I need a hand!"

Crewmate callout:

  • "Houston, I have a problem!"
  • "I'm sorry I called you Gyro!" (to Jiro)
  • "Ouuuugh, Jiro..."
  • "Weeeeeh..." (to John Wick)
  • "Sokol, man!"
  • "Chains, my brother!"
  • "Jacket I'm right here, man!"

Low health Edit

  • "GAAAH!!! I need to get patched up!"
  • "GAAAH!!! I need a medic baaaaaaaag!"
  • "I need a medic bag!"
  • "Agh, this is not Jimmy's idea of a good time. I need a medic bag!"
  • "Guys, I'm wounded. I need a medic bag, I've been hit."
  • "Shit that hurts like a fuck!"
  • "Fuck me that hurt!"
  • "FUCK that one hurt!"

When using Inspire SkillEdit


  • "Come on fatty!"
  • "Tempo! Tempo!"
  • "C'mon, move those little legs, yeah?"
  • "One foot in front of the other, yeah, that's it."

Aced RevivingEdit

  • "Jimmy commands you to rise."
  • "I now pronounce you, still alive, yeah!"
  • "Resur-Fucking-Rected!"
  • "Get up you little SHIT!"
  • "You! Are NOT! Done!"
  • "Get up!"
  • "On your fucking feet, man!"
  • "Get off your arse!"
  • "Stop slacking about!"
  • "Get the fuck up man!"

Special EnemiesEdit


Spotting Bulldozers Edit

  • "Bulldozer spotted!"
  • "We got a fucking dozer!"
  • "A fucking dozer!"
  • "Bulldozer incoming!"
  • "DOZER!"

Killing BulldozersEdit

  • "That's what I call an overdozer!"
  • "Fuck off, Dozer!"
  • "Bulldozer's got nothing on meeeee!"
  • "Bulldozer's got nothing on Jimmy."
  • "Woo! Dozer down!"
  • "Sleep tight, Dozer!"
  • "Nighty-night, Dozer!"


Spotting Tasers Edit

  • "Taser incoming!"
  • "Motherfucking Taser!"

Killing TasersEdit

  • "Taser got fucked, mate!"
  • "I'll fuck all of you!"
  • "That's fucking electric!"
  • "Well this is electric!"
  • "Fuck you Taser!"
  • "Keep coming Tasers I'll fuck all of you!"
  • "That Taser got fucked right in the arse."
  • "I got the Taser!"


Killing ShieldsEdit

  • "Cunt Shield is dead!"
  • "Fuck you, you coward shield!"
  • "I took care of that shield fuck!"


  • "Cloaker ninja cuntfucker."

Killing CloakersEdit

  • "Cloaker's history!"
  • "Fuck off, you Cloaker cunt!"
  • "I fucking DESTROY Cloakers!"
  • "You wanna jump at me, eh?"
  • "You wanna jump at Jimmy, eh?!"


Killing SnipersEdit

  • "Jimmy fucked the Sniper!"
  • "You got sniped, not me!"
  • "You got sniped, not me mate!"
  • "Get sniped, bitch!"
  • "I killed the sniper!"
  • "I sniped the sniper!"
  • "Got the chicken shit sniper!"
  • "You can't hear me because you're fucking DEAD!"
  • "I sniped a sniper. Ha!"

SWAT Van TurretsEdit

  • "Fucking hell, gents!"
  • "Hooooooly shit!!!"
  • "Motherfucking turret, mates!"
  • "Watch out, fucking turret mates!"
  • "The fucker's brought a turret!"
  • "Ah, fuck me... turret!"
  • "Well that's not fucking fair!"
  • "It's a fucking turret!"


Guards & other law enforcementEdit

  • "Hands up you cunt!"
  • "Oy! Drop your gun, man!"
  • "Hands up!"
  • "Drop your fuckin' weapon mate."
  • "Put your fucking hands up right now man!"
  • "Hands in the fucking air!"
  • "Drop it!"
  • "Kneel!"
  • "On your knees!"
  • "On your fucking knees!"
  • "Now tie yourself up, pig!"
  • "Cuff yourself, yeah?"
  • "Put the cuffs on your little hands, yeah?"
  • "Cuff yourself. The handcuffs."
  • "Cuff yourself!"
  • "Cuff yourself you little fuck."


  • "Make love to the fucking ground, man!"
  • "If DiCaprio wouldn't have gotten his Oscar, I might have killed you."
  • "I don't know why but I really don't like your face, turn away from me."
  • "Keep your head down, and your dick in the soil, and you'll be fine! Yeah?"
  • "Keep your head down, you'll be fine."
  • "Had a BAD fucking day, man!"
  • "What part of don't move don't you understand, man?"
  • "No texting while lying on the fucking ground, man! That's fucking disrespectful!"
  • "Don't make me fucking angry!"
  • "Don't fucking move!"
  • "I didn't say move!"
  • "Lay there!"
  • "Get on the fucking ground!"
  • "And stay there!"
  • "Down!"
  • "Ground! Now!"
  • "Get down!"
  • "I'm Jimmy, by the way. I can either be your best friend, or the fucking Grim Reaper himself!"
  • "Eat the fucking floor, man!"

Pager responsesEdit

  • "No problem here, how about you guys? Any action? All-All's calm on my side. Yeah? Nothing at all. Yeah."
  • "I'm sorry I just pressed the wrong... pressed the wrong button, I-I-No-I got the right one now, so that's handy as fuck."
  • "I just wanted to check if you guys wanted anything from the store. I was thinking of running down. Cigarettes, milk, anything."
  • "No, sorry lads just a false alarm, just Leeroy fuckin' around. Leeroy, quit fuckin' around man!"
  • "No, nothing wrong here, just fuckin' bored as usual, you know just wandering around as you do, on patrol."
  • "We're fine control, uhh... Just wanted to talk to someone really umm... Having some issues, you know with the wife."
  • "No, uhh... Jus-Just checking if you guys, hi guys. Uh, does anybody have a deck of cards, over there, that we could borrow?"
  • "Not to worry lads, everything is under control."
  • "Any problems? Uhh.. Umm.. No, not with us, no problems, all is fine and dandy. "All peaceful on the western front" as I say, heh."
  • "Uhh.. No, we-we're good, uhh.. No problem over here."
  • "Alright let's settle this once and for all lads... Batman, or Superman?"
  • *cough fits* "Ugh, fuck me... -sorry lads, I think... I think I just swallowed a bug..." *coughing noises*
  • "Sorry, my fault, uhh... I tried- I was trying to stand on my hands and I fell over, I'm stupid, sorry."
  • "Was just thinking about Bowie... you know, R.I.P., mate."
  • "Sorry, we're all out of milk for the coffee and I sort of lost me temper."
  • "I will kill all of you, one by fucking one! *deep breath* (Brief pause) Just kidding! I scared you didn't I?"
  • "I wish there was some trouble, but... this is fucking boring, mate."
  • "Nothing's happenin'. As usual. On patrols. You know how it goes."
  • "Something's wrong with this fucking radio... no there's no problem here, no problem at all."
  • "No it's all good, baby. Nothing to worry about. Ten four. Over and out. Roger."

Deployables and GrenadesEdit

Body bag case Edit

  • "Body bag case right here."
  • "I placed a body bag case here."
  • "Body bag case, deployed."

Ammo bag Edit

  • "Ammo! Over here!"
  • "I've got ammo over here!"
  • "Anybody need more bullets!"

Medic Bag Edit

  • "Medic bag over here!"
  • "Get patched up!"

First Aid Kit Edit

  • "I placed a first aid kit here."
  • "Here's a first aid kit!"
  • "First aid kit over here!"
  • "'First aid kit here!"'

Throwing a Grenade Edit

  • "Grenade, you little fuckers!"
  • "How do you like that?"
  • "WATCH OUT!"
  • "GRENADE!"

 Map-Specific QuotesEdit

Safe HouseEdit

  • "Eh."
  • "Uh."
  • "I..."

Intimidating the Taxman Edit

  • "Do I look like I have time, yeah?!"
  • "Right fucking now you cunt!"
  • "Don't play fucking games with Jimmy, yeah?!"
  • "You wanna fucking die, man?!"

Directional Quotes Edit

  • "Down the stairs!"
  • "Oy! Jump!"
  • "Go down."

Drilling and Hacking Edit


  • "Drilling!"
  • "Drilling, here we go."

Jammed Drill Edit

  • "We have to fix it."
  • "The drill seems to be jammed, yeah?"
  • "We gotta get it fixed!"
  • "Well, fuck me. It's stuck."

Hacking Edit

  • "Well fuck me jones, the computer's broken."

Specific Quotes Edit

Explosions (from Law Enforcer C4 or map-specific situations requiring C4) Edit

  • "Time to go BOOM!"
  • "Stand back! It's about to blow!"
  • "Fucking hell that was loud!"
  • "What the FUCK!"
  • "Any second... any second lads okay..."

Flashbangs Edit

  • "I, am going to fucking kill, the cunt, who threw that!"

Alerting a bunch of civilians during stealth Edit

  • "Watch the civilians, we don't want them panicking."
  • "For fuck's sake, keep the people in check."
  • "You know... we could use those zip ties."
  • "I usually use... fluffy cuffs, but these zip ties should do it."

Tear Gas Edit

  • "My eyes are burning!"
  • "Tear gaaaaaaaaaaaas!"
  • "Me fucking eyes, man!"
  • "Those fuckers are making me cry!

While Handcuffed Edit

  • "The cuffs, mate! Pick the fucking cuffs!"
  • "Set me free!"

Out of ammunition Edit

  • "Almost out of bullets!"

AI Quotes Edit

Killstreak as an AI

  • "Come with us then, yeah?!"
  • "Show them who's the king of the jungle!" *roars*
  • "You ain't ready for what's coming, you fucking cunts!"
  • "You fuckers ain't ready for Jimmy..."

Reviving human player as an AI Edit

  • "If you go down again you ain't coming back up, yeah. You understand?"
  • "Let's get you up, mate."
  • "Fuck mate... what... what happened to you?"
  • "Ah christ, your party might be over mate."

Responding from a callout Edit

  • "Like you say, mate!"
  • "Okay, mate!"