Note: Since Update #39, Control Freak has replaced this skill on the PC version and the aced effects merged with it. This skill is still available on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions.

Inside Man

Inside Man
Mastermind Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): Reduces the asset costs in the Job Overview menu by 50%.
Ace (3 pt): Unlocks special Inside Man assets in the Job Overview menu.


A player with the Inside Man skill should ideally purchase most assets in most heists, as they only pay 50% of the price. The Mastermind skill tree provides a further multiplicative 50% reduction of asset prices through the tier 6 bonus to 75%. Acing this skill also makes several exclusive assets purchasable, including a keycard on Framing Frame Day 1 and Big Bank, a poisoned cake on Big Bank, and an Expert Driver on many missions. Expert Driver completely negates the chance of an escape mission.

Inside Man can be considered very much a "team-player" skill. On certain stealth focused maps, like Framing Frame Day 1 or Big Bank, a single player with Inside Man aced offers very advantegous assets denied to people without the aced skill.

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