Inner Pockets

Inner Pockets
Ghost: Artful Dodger Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Increases the concealment of melee weapons by 2.
Ace (4 pt): Increases the concealment of all ballistic vests by 4 .


Inner Pockets basic inherits its effects from the old Fugitive skill Hidden Blade, and thus increases the concealment stat of melee weapons, as well as ballistic vests when Aced.

The Aced version causes the Lightweight Ballistic Vest to have the same concealment as the Two-Piece Suit, allowing the player to have some armor without sacrificing concealment.


The basic version of this skill is highly recommended for any stealth build, as weapons with 30 concealment still gain the additional two points, allowing for more modifications on your primary and secondary weapons. This basic skill is only highly recommended for dodge builds, pairing well with skills such as Sneaky Bastard and Low Blow.

The Aced version is works well with builds that use perk decks that rely on lighter armor such as Crook and Grinder. Remember though that concealment is not the same as dodge, so having this skill aced will not directly effect the chances of dodging gunfire.


  • While the name of the skill would suggest the addition of extra pockets inside the player character's suit linings, it does not confer any boost to the amount of ammo or items carried.
    • The extra Concealment applied to melee weapons would suggest the use of such pockets, however, as they could be stored less conspicuously on the heisters' persons.
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