Unlock Level
N/A (always available)
Requires equipped Kingpin perk deck with Bad Guy Coming Through unlocked.
Inventory Slot Throwable
Weapon Type Hypodermic stim
Capacity 1, infinite uses
Cooldown 30s
Internal name chico_injector
When consumed, the user cease to feel pain and become fearless. The lack of pain let the user rampage through the heart of battles longer than any other and the lack of fear make him a frightening and obvious threat for his enemies.(sic)

The Kingpin Injector is a special usable equipment in the throwable slot for PAYDAY 2, introduced as part of the Scarface Character Pack.


The Kingpin Injector is a unique piece of kit of the Kingpin deck and is automatically equipped upon the deck being selected, unless the player hasn't unlocked the starter perk Bad Guy Coming Through yet. While equipped, it takes up the slot normally reserved for throwable weapons, but can be switched out if the player so chooses. Presumably, the Injector is loaded with morphine and/or a nondescript mixture of cocaine and other stimulants that, once consumed, will send the Kingpin into a state of great fury, allowing him to convert most of the damage taken during its six-second duration back into health. Perk upgrades will grant additional abilities to the Injector, such as enemy aggro attraction and increased health regeneration when close to bleedout.

DLC owners spawn with one Injector charge, had they equipped it.


  • Hud fearless

    The orange HUD overlay.

    Pressing the throwable key will immediately activate the Injector's six-second effect where every 4 points of damage taken will restore 3 HP. An orange overlay will appear around the player's health indicator during the effect's duration.
  • The Injector is consumed immediately upon activation, but will naturally regenerate after 30 seconds unless sped up with kills and/or subsequent perks.


  • The Injector should be activated when dealing with groups of enemies or particularly stronger special units. With Public Enemy No. 1 equipped, they will focus on the user, allowing them to focus on said user instead of teammates.
  • If a certain point must be reached or is besieged, the Injector can be used to wipe out clusters of common enemies without too much trouble. Bulletstorm (and Scavenger aced) can also be a great perk to have in order to quickly eliminate assailants and ensure a steady supply of ammo.
  • With armor, the injector can (potentially) be used as a substitute for First Aid Kits as weaker enemies will heal a user. If armor is depleted, it will provide a significant damage resistance instead.
    • On harder difficulties, enemies will be able to inflict higher amounts of damage, thus potentially instead of healing the user, the Injector will provide more of a damage resistance instead.
    • If the player is able to score headshots in a given time, Bullseye can be an excellent skill to pair with the Injector.
  • Fully automatic weapons and/or grenade launchers can assist the user to speed up the recharge time.
    • Setting off a grenade or rocket at a nearby surface with the Injector activated can also heal the user.
    • With a grenade launcher and Bulletstorm, it is possible for a user to quickly fire several grenades/rockets at close range while the injector is activated to heal without wasting ammo.
  • Activating the Injector while standing in fire or tear gas can give health as well.
  • While the Injector can be activated in Swan Song or in an incapacitated state, it does not provide any benefits and only wastes a charge.
  • Fully Loaded aced may not pair well with the Injector as obviously, the user cannot equip an "offensive" throwable such as the HEF Grenade.
  • The Injector can be used in conjunction with or as a substitute for Frenzy. At low health (and with no armor), a user can activate the injector to gain a significant damage resistance boost to keep on attacking enemies.


  • The Kingpin Injector is the first defensive "throwable" added to the game, in that it cannot be used to actively damage or hamper enemy progress in any way.
    • It is also the first "throwable" to be infinitely reusable without the player having to retrieve anything to make it available again.
      • It is also the first 'throwable' that requires the use of a specific perk deck as a prerequisite to being equipped.
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