Note: Since Update #39, this skill has been replaced by Tactical Mines and this skill's effects have been completely removed from the PC version of the game. This skill is still available on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions.

Improved Crafting

Improved Crafting
Technician Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Your cost of weapon crafting is reduced by 10%.
Ace (3 pt): Your cost of mask crafting is reduced by 10%.


As stated, this skill reduces the cost of adding modifications to weapons (basic) and creating masks (aced) by 10%.


It is inadvisable to get this skill, as it has no impact on gameplay while a heist is in progress, and it has very little impact outside of that. Creating masks provides no advantage to gameplay and is purely a social mechanic. By the time a player desires a mask, he or she will likely have more than enough money to make one, even without this skill. The weapon crafting cost reduction is arguably more useful, as modifying weapons does impact heisting. However, as before, weapon mods are unlocked slowly by collecting cards. By the time a player has the mods to attach, money is likely not a limiting factor.

Players with the Gage Shotgun Pack may find costs to be generally prohibitive, even at a high level. Switching between firing loadouts will cost a significant amount of spending money, especially if installing damage mods.


  • This skill isn't incorrect when it grants a 10% boost to crafting costs, but the Technician tier bonuses will add values of 1 and 4% to their respective field. 

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