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There are three types of hints that you will get during loading screens in PAYDAY 2 and they are: Heister Tip, Gameplay Hint and Payday Trivia. This will be a list of all the hints to date.

Heister TipEdit

Gameplay HintEdit

Payday TriviaEdit

hint heister bodhi.png|Trivia tip #X
Bodhi used to be a member of a gang called the Ex-Presidents.

  • Payday Trivia #X: Bonnie probably gambles too much. But it wouldn't be safe to tell her that.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Captain Winters used to be in the Military Police before he joined GenSec.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Rust spends a fortune on his bike.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Sokol enjoys the fact that he still has fans in Russia from his ice hockey days.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Jiro's body is full of traditional Yakuza tattoos.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Jiro's relationship to American food is marked more by tolerance than appreciation.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Aldstone spends a fortune on specially imported tea.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Gage spends a fortune on bribing customs officials.
  • Payday Trivia #X: Gage is often underestimated, something which he uses to his advantage.


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