Note: In Update #100, Hard Boiled's basic effects were modified and moved to the basic version of Far Away, while its aced effects were tweaked and moved to the basic version of Fire Control. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled
Enforcer Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): Increases your shotgun weapon accuracy by 20% when firing from the hip.
Ace (8 pt): Increases your weapon accuracy by 20% when firing from the hip with all weapons.


Although the description states it increases accuracy, this is a somewhat misleading description. The skill does make the gun more likely to hit the object at which the player is aiming, but it does this by decreasing the spread modifier of the weapon directly, rather than increasing the accuracy statistic directly. With the basic version of this skill, the spread modifier is reduced from 3.5 to 3.3. [1]


Players should consider carefully before purchasing this skill, especially if they intend only to use the basic version. Increasing the accuracy of a shotgun may make it less useful by tightening the spread of pellets and decreasing the chance of striking many enemies or scoring a headshot. Because shotguns utilize damage falloff, they become worthless after a certain range, dealing no damage regardless of accuracy.

When using the ace version with non-shotguns, the effect is generally beneficial, but minimally useful for such a large point investment. Other skills in the enforcer tree may be more useful in combat than this small boost to a weapon's effective range.



  1. Frankelstner's "The Long Guide"
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