Note: In Update #100, Gunslinger's basic effects were moved to the aced version of Desperado, and its aced effects were split into the basic and aced versions of One Handed Talent. This skill is still available on the console versions.


Mastermind Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): You reload pistols 50% faster.
Ace (8 pt): You deal 15 additional damage with pistols.


The basic version of Gunslinger speeds up the player's reload speed with all pistols by 50%. Acing the skill gives all pistols +15 damage.

As of Update 46, this skill now applies to Akimbo Weapons, but the damage increase is halved (+7.5 damage) to account for the fact that Akimbo Weapons are fired twice, while most other weapons are fired once. Damage on the Inventory screen seems to reflect the damage done, per shot, per one pull of the trigger.


Gunslinger aced provides the Mastermind with one of its most crucial offensive skills. This skill's pistol damage boost obviously makes pistols the weapon of choice for Masterminds. With a sufficiently high damage pistol, such as the Deagle or Bronco .44, this skill allows single headshots to be lethal against virtually all standard law enforcement agents. On Death Wish, where only the most efficient builds are viable, this skill gives Masterminds enough of an offensive edge that pistols can be used as moderately effective secondaries. This skill synergizes very well with Pistol Messiah, as it guarantees high enough damage that kills can be reasonably obtained while in bleedout mode. Equilibrium may also be a worthy investment, maximising pistol effectiveness by increasing swap speed and rate of fire.

The skill also stacks with the ghost tree's Silent Killer skill. By using the Asepsis Suppressor, which does not give any damage penalties, albeit at the cost of accuracy and stability, one can effectively almost double the damage of their handguns.


  • The Bronco .44 is featured in the skill's icon.
  • The undeveloped skill tree for last generation consoles still have a 50% additional damage increase, but do not have a higher base damage to pistols that was increased to balance the changes to Gunslinger on PC.
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