Gage Ninja Pack
Gage Ninja Pack
The Ninja Pack Title card.
Downloadable Content Info
Developer(s) Overkill Software
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s) July 16, 2015
Price(s) $4.99 USD
Type Weapon Content Pack
Available At Steam Store

The Gage Ninja Pack is a weapon expansion for PAYDAY 2 and is the twenty-fourth paid DLC pack. It introduces the Poison mechanic to the game.

Customization optionsEdit

These masks, materials, and patterns are achievement rewards. They can't drop during a PAYDAY and cannot be sold. Instead, they can be returned to your mask stash for free, but any non-achievement or Infamy reward pattern, color, or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost.


Weapon ModificationsEdit



  • The trailer for the DLC explains Gage's recent absence from the PAYDAY universe as him being on a holiday in Japan, where he learned a few things about the art of the shinobi to bring back to the United States.
    • Despite the name, much of the revealed firearms of this DLC has nothing to do with actual ninjas, only the selection of melee weapons and the new throwable item seems to adhere to the stereotype.
  • The end of the DLC's trailer teased the release of the heister Jiro.
  • This DLC introduced the first ever semi-automatic sniper rifle to the series, with the weapon in question being the Lebensauger .308, based on the Walther WA 2000.
    • The DLC also introduced the first throwable that could be retrieved after being thrown, the Shuriken.
  • This DLC has many references to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, and internally is even called "turtles".

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