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Gage Mod Courier
Gage Mod Courier title card.
Downloadable Content Info
Developer(s) Overkill Software
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date(s) April 10, 2014 (PC)
June 16, 2015 (PS4, Xbox One)
Price(s) $2.99
Type Weapon Mod Content Pack
Available At Steam Store

The Gage Mod Courier is the fourth paid DLC Pack released for PAYDAY 2.


Asset gage assignment

The Courier Packages as seen on the asset preview.

The DLC added a new mechanic to the game in the form of 5 different packages that are hidden in locations on every heist and escape in the game. The different packages have a set amount for the player to collect for a reward and each package gives its own set of rewards. All players can earn a small amount of experience by collecting packages, and DLC owners also earn some unique modifications once enough packages of a certain kind have been collected.

The amount of packages on each map is dependent on the current difficulty setting;

  • 2 on Normal
  • 4 on Hard
  • 6 on Very Hard
  • 8 on Overkill
  • 10 on Mayhem and above

Packages are scattered around each map, and can be picked up by interacting with it for about a second. Each package that is picked up will only count if the day is successfully completed, at which point the entire crew will receive the rewards

In order to receive the set of rewards associated with each type, players must collect a certain number of packages of that type:

  • Green Mantis – 5
  • Yellow Bull – 10
  • Red Spider – 15
  • Blue Eagle – 20
  • Purple Snake – 25

The probability of each package type spawning appears approximately equal, so players who collect all packages will likely receive the Green Mantis rewards multiple times before unlocking the Purple Snake rewards.

Note: All heists in the game contain packages, excluding the Safe House, Safe House Nightmare, Safe House Raid, Flash Drive, and Get the Coke.

Heist AppearancesEdit


Players can now upgrade all available sights with a reticle switch functionality, allowing you to individually customize the look and color of all your mounted sighting devices.

12 reticles have been added with the release of the Gage Mod Courier DLC. The first 6 are available to all players free of charge.


In addition to the final 6 reticles, players who own the DLC can customize their sights further by changing the color of the sight image.

Weapon ModificationsEdit

Upon collecting a full set of packages, 1 of each mod included in that set will automatically be added to your inventory.

Green MantisEdit

Yellow BullEdit

Red SpiderEdit

Blue EagleEdit

Purple SnakeEdit


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