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This article is about the the mechanic in PAYDAY 2 introduced in The Butcher's BBQ Pack DLC. For the environmental hazard in both games, see Environmental hazards#Fire.
Bbq wpn shotgun

Cops burning to death after being shot with Dragon's Breath rounds.

"Fire. It is one of man's oldest weapons. And still one of the deadliest. Bullets? Nice. They're effective, yes. But fire leaves a scar that never heals."
The Butcher

Fire is a mechanic in PAYDAY 2 introduced in The Butcher's BBQ Pack. Incendiary weapons introduced within the pack set enemies (and civilians) on fire, dealing damage over time and usually put them in animations where they can't attack the players. The two Ammunition mods in the pack, the Dragon's Breath rounds and Incendiary Grenades, can be used to turn shotguns and grenade launchers into incendiary weapons respectively. The following explanation on fire damage is a simplified version of the original version in Frankelstner's "The Long Guide", under the header "Weapon stats - Advanced Concepts".

When an NPC is hit with an incendiary weapon from less than 30 meters away, there is a set chance for enemies to be set on fire, which is 100% for shotguns modded with Dragon's Breath rounds, 35% for Molotov Cocktails and grenade launchers modded with Incendiary Grenades, and 10% for the Flamethrower.

Enemies on fire take 100 (10 on consoles) damage every 0.5 seconds for 3.1 seconds, but only starts taking damage 1 second after being set on fire, for a total of 500 (50 on consoles) damage should the enemy not be set on fire continuously. If the enemy is hit with a fire weapon again while burning and the chance for it to set them on fire again is successful, the burning time left is overwritten, causing the enemy to stop taking damage from it for 1 second before continuing burning.

There is a 35% chance when an enemy takes damage from fire, they'll go into a 4.3 seconds-long stun animation where they can't move or attack the players.

Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary Grenades create patches of fire which damages enemies standing in it and, obviously, can set them on fire. However, due to the fire in the patches setting the enemies on fire almost continuously, thus overwriting the burning time continuously, enemies won't take additional damage from being on fire while standing in the flames, only once they exit them or the flames wear off. What damage Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary Grenades deal is explained on their respective pages.

The following weapons can potentially set enemies on fire. Note only the Flamethrower, Molotov Cocktail, and Incendiary Grenade are incendiary weapons by default.


Disco Inferno Disco Inferno
Have 10 enemies burning simultaneously. Unlocks the "Graug" mask, "Coal" material and "Fireborn" pattern.
Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done
Set an enemy on fire and kill him with the "Motherforker" melee weapon. Unlocks the "The Gas Mask" mask, "Candlelight" material and "Flammable" pattern.
Set a Bulldozer on fire. Unlocks the "The Chef" mask, "Toast" material and "Hot Flames" pattern.
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