Note: In Update #100, the full effects of Fast Hands became a default gameplay feature. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Fast Hands

Fast Hands
Ghost Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): You can pack and interact with loot bags 25% faster.
Ace (3 pt): Further increases your pack and interaction speed with loot bags by 50%.


This skill increases one's interaction speed with bagging lootable items and picking up bags of all kinds.

Note that this skill does not speed up the body bagging process, but it does make picking up dropped body bags faster.


Despite being in the Ghost tree, this skill is of notable aid to any player tackling missions involving many loot bags. This is especially true during those that often require shuffling them to and from points, such as Watchdogs, Firestarter and Framing Frame. Whether going stealth or going loud, being able to grab multiple bags in quick succession for the four point cost is a worthwhile consideration.

Fast Hands pairs well with Transporter to quickly haul loot bags across a heist.

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