For similarly named modifications, see Extended Mag.
Extended Mag.
Extended Mag (STRYK 18c)
Type MagIcon Magazine
Price $44,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Card Drop & Side Job
Magazine +12
Concealment -2
Internal name wpn_fps_pis_g18c_m_mag_33rnd

Extended Mag. is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Extended Mag. is a Magazine mod that increases the base Magazine stat of the weapon by 12, while decreasing the Concealment rating.

Tips Edit

  • Like other capacity increasing magazines, this skill works well with Mag Plus, to increase the total amount of bullets per magazine from 20 to 45.
  • Another skill that this modification benefits from is Equilibrium from the Mastermind tree, which doubles the already enormous rate of fire. With this skill's buff of an extra 909 points to rate of fire, bullets will be expended very quickly without a larger magazine.

Compatible weaponsEdit



  • Despite being modeled after a 33-rounder Glock magazine, the Extended Mag gives neither the Chimano Custom, Chimano 88 nor the STRYK 18c the correct amount of bullets they should have. The closest it could manage is to bring the STRYK's capacity up to 32 rounds, which is still one round short of the proper count.
  • The Cavity 9mm is equipped with this item by default where, for once, it is loaded with the correct amount of ammo. This is particularly unusual considering how the Cavity's base weapon is actually incompatible with extended Glock magazines in reality.

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