Fugitive: Gunslinger Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Decreases the time it takes to draw and holster pistols by 33%.
Ace (3 pt): You gain a 8 weapon accuracy with pistols.


Mastermind Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Increases accuracy with pistols by 10% and decreases the time it takes to pull and put away pistols by 50%.
Ace (3 pt): Increases your rate of fire with pistols by 100%.


As stated in the description, the basic skill reduces weapon swap time when a pistol is equipped (Putting away pistols and changing to your primary is the only situation affected by this skill). The aced version of the skill doubles the rate of fire stat on any pistol, but semi-automatic pistols remain limited by the speed at which a player can click.

The basic skill, despite stating that it increases pistol accuracy by 10%, actually integrates the 10% as a direct reduction of spread of the weapon (its cone of fire). Though the description is somewhat misleading, the same effect is achieved in that the weapon is more likely to hit where it is being aimed.

As of Update 46, this skill now applies to Akimbo Pistol Weapons.


Though all pistols can benefit from the increase in pistol fire rate, semi-automatic pistols only benefit if the player is able to click blazingly fast (or use some artificial macro to click faster than normally possible). The only pistol capable of fully automatic fire, the STRYK 18c becomes truly frightening with this skill, reaching the fourth highest fire rate possible in the game. If Gunslinger is aced to increase pistol damage and the gun is modified appropriately, the STRYK 18c is capable of one of the highest damage per second values in the entire game. However, the staggering rate of fire leads to uncontrollable recoil. To compensate for muzzle climb, the player may wish to aim slightly low when using this gun and skill combination. High stability is also desired to offset the recoil produced by rapid fire.


  • Equilibrium is likely a reference to the 2002 movie of the same name, in which the main protagonist John Preston's signature firearm is a modified pistol that shoots blazingly fast and as equally accurate, similar to the effect of the aced skill on in-game pistols.
  • The Bronco .44 is featured in the skill's icon.
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