Technician: Engineer Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You can now select a less noisy version of the sentry guns, making them much less likely to be targeted by enemies.
Ace (6 pt): You can now toggle AP rounds on your sentry guns, lowering the rate of fire by 75%, but increasing the damage by 250% and allowing it to pierce through enemies and shields.


Engineering Basic does pretty much what it says on the tin, in that it unlocks the second, suppressed version of the Sentry Gun that has a lower aggro rating than its standard counterpart, as the lower aggro rating means enemies will not be as inclined to target it as they would its noisier cousin.

Acing the skill grants the Sentry Gun a new lease of life with the anti-Shield AP mode which sacrifices much of its high RoF for more powerful shots that can pierce through ballistic shields, allowing it to circumvent its greatest weakness.


While the suppressed Sentry is not really that spectacular, strategically-placed ones can still be useful when trying to thin out an enemy mob, with their lowered aggro rating making enemies less likely to target them during combat. Emphasis is still on less, however, as they will still be shot at if there are no players around of if they are closer to the enemy than the players themselves.

With Engineering Aced, toggling AP mode on suppressed sentries can provide the crew with "stealthy" Shield busters, allowing them to circumvent their greatest weakness at the cost of a significantly lowered fire rate.

Pairing Engineering with the Aced versions of Jack Of All Trades and Tower Defense allows the player to bring a total of 6 Sentry Guns into any given heist.


  • Despite having a separate AP ammo box loaded on the unit by default, the Sentry Gun can't actually utilize these special rounds until upgraded with this skill Aced.
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