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ECM Jammer
Inventory Slot Equipment
Equipment Type Time-based Portable Electronic Jammer
Amount 1 jammer
Duration 20 seconds
Internal name ecm_jammer
An electronic countermeasure (ECM) is an electronic device designed to trick radar, sonar and other detection systems.

The ECM (Electronic Counter-Measure) Jammer is a deployable device available to the player by unlocking the Ghost skill tree in game. It takes 2 seconds to deploy and the jamming effects last for 20 seconds, unless lengthened by skills listed below. Two jammers working simultaneously will not result in any additional effects.


The "ECM Jammer" is a deployable available to players that unlock the Ghost skill tree in-game. This deployable takes 2 seconds to deploy, and its effects lasts for 20 seconds. This can be increased by the other skills.

While it is active a small light on the front will flash green. When 8 seconds of effect remain the light will start flashing red. (The HoxHud game mod will display a countdown timer for all deployed ECM jammers.)

During its duration of effect, the ECM Jammer globally disables cameras (causing the cameras to be unable to detect suspicious people and activities) and cellphones (causing alerted enemies and civilians to be unable to make calls that would trip the alarm). Guard pagers are not affected unless the player has the aced ECM Specialist skill. However, certain objectives cannot be completed while the ECM devices are active.

ECM Jammers do not have any effect on laser sensors, metal detectors, panic buttons or silent alarms.

An ECM Jammer can also be used to silently open an ATM (allowing access to the money inside) and, with the aced ECM Overdrive skill, be able to open doors that require keycard. An ATM takes 8 seconds to open; a door takes 4. This uses one of the jammers the player is carrying and when used for this purpose, the jammer has no other effects (i.e., it doesn't disable cameras, etc.). Keycard-activated vaults still require a keycard to open and cannot be replaced with an ECM Jammer.

The ECM Jammer can also be used to "convert" the SWAT Van Turret for the entirety of its duration. A converted turret shoots law enforcers.


ECM Specialist

ECM Specialist
Ghost: Shinobi Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): You can now place 2 ECM jammers instead of just one.
Ace (8 pt): The ECM jammer duration is increased by an additional 25% and the ECM feedback duration lasts 25% longer. Pagers are delayed by the ECM jammer.
  • Aced effect increases jamming and ECM feedback (see below) duration by 25% (an additional 5 seconds), and pauses the countdown of guards' pagers while the jammer is active. After the jamming ends the countdown resumes from where it was paused.
ECM Overdrive

ECM Overdrive
Ghost: Shinobi Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Your ECM jammer and feedback duration is increased by 25%.
Ace (6 pt): Your ECM jammer can now also be used to open certain electronic doors.
  • Basic effect increases the jamming (but not feedback) duration by 25%. This gives a jamming duration of 25 seconds, or 31.25 seconds when combined with the aced ECM Specialist skill above.
  • Aced effect allows the player to open some electronically locked doors that would normally require a keycard, saw or drill to open, such as security room and server room doors.


  • The ECM jammer is the second-most expensive deployable to upgrade by skillpoints (after the Sentry Gun), taking 37 skillpoints in total to fully upgrade.
  • The ECM Jammer is planted with a sticky substance. The substance may be Blu-Tack.
  • If an ECM Jammer is placed upon a destroyable surface (e.g. the glass of a jewelry case) and that surface is subsequently destroyed the ECM will disappear and any remaining jammer duration will be lost. It may also no longer be interacted with to cause a feedback loop if you have the appropriate skill.
    • Such is also the case when the Jammer is placed onto a running drill, the device will vanish as soon as the drilling finishes.
    • Similarly to interactives, placing a Jammer on a door and opening that door will delete the Jammer forever.


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