Note: In Update #100, the ability to activate ECM feedback became a default gameplay feature and the aced version's feedback duration-increasing effect was moved to the aced versions of ECM Overdrive and ECM Specialist. This skill is still available on the console versions.

ECM Feedback

ECM Feedback
Ghost Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): You can now interact with ECM jammers to cause a feedback loop. When interacted, the ECM jammer has a 50%-100% chance to incapacitate enemies within 25 meters radius every 1.5 seconds. ECM feedback lasts 15-20 seconds.
Ace (8 pt): You will now instantly interact with a ECM jammer and the ECM feedback duration is increased by 25%. Your ECM Jammer has 100% chance to recharge itself every 4 minutes


ECM Feedback is activated by interacting with an already placed ECM. If the skill is aced, this interaction is instantaneous; however, basic skill users will have a several second interaction time. Acing the skill is not necessary to achieve the full benefits of this skill, but can be done to increase duration and convenience for the player. When activated, nearly all enemies within the range of the ECM are incapacitated. They will often display an animation of clutching their ears and rocking back and forth, allowing the player to score easy headshots, even against specials like the Shield or Bulldozer (with the exception of Captain Winters and the Cloaker, who are immune to ECM Feedback). Affected enemies (with the exception of Bulldozers) will remove their helmets, but this change is purely aesthetic and does not make them easier to kill.


ECM Feedback is somewhat contrary to the general ideals of the ghost tree, as it has no practical impact on the mission while it is still quiet. In fact, if guards (even civies) are affected by ECM Feedback while the mission is still being stealthed, they will be instantly alerted and call the police. Therefore, this skill is purely used for loud engagements or as a Plan B phase on heist such as Framing Frame or Election Day, where a ghost will pack their ECMs.

When used properly on loud heists, ECM Feedback is comparable to the sentry gun of the technician in that it provides swift and effective area denial. The main difference is that ECM Feedback deals no damage to targets; it merely incapacitates them, allowing players to kill them with little fear of retaliation. In heists where enemies can build up and swarm rapidly, this can be extremely useful as a choke-point trap.

Note that feedback can be activated even after the ECM device has already expended its jamming ability and is not necessary to sync feedback with jamming. So, if a heist is loud, or one is planning to go loud, ECM devices should be pre-emptively placed at areas where they're easily accessible and have an good area of effect once feedback is activated.

Whether to take this skill depends on the builds, especially its aced version. ECM in feedback cannot affect SWAT Van Turrets, and its points may be better spent on dodge skills to provide greater defense/attack power.

Take note that Jokered enemies will also be affected by this skill, countering some of that skill's effectiveness.


  • In radio engineering, a feedback loop will in most cases generate a very loud screeching noise that's very unpleasant, if not debilitating to listen to and may cause hearing and/or psychological damage in an individual if exposed to for prolonged periods of time. This debilitation effect is somewhat exaggerated in the game, though is still theoretically plausible in reality if the frequency of the looped signal is high enough. The means by which the Jammer hijacks the enemy comm system to generate the loop is unknown.
    • The feedback loop will also affect every single enemy within the Jammer's effective range, meaning in smaller heists this can potentially cover the entire map with the stunning signal. In reality, the feedback strength is inversely proportional to the distance between the signal's output and input, meaning that enemies standing further away from the Jammer should be affected less, and units outside of the loop's range are not affected at all. The in-game depiction of the skill was most likely meant for gameplay effects, as by simply moving away from the loop's epicenter the law enforcement units could avoid being stunned by it entirely.
  • This skill was rebalanced in Update #39 to gain the ability to use ECM Feedback once every 4 minutes per ECM.
  • An early version of this skill also affects civilians, and forces every afflicted NPC to start vomiting instead of holding their heads in pain like the final rendition. The vomiting animation was recycled for the "Poisoned Cake" pre-planning item in Big Bank instead, and also for the effects from poisoned weapons from the Gage Ninja Pack such as the Kunai Knife.
    • The civilian effect was re-added in Patch #107.
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