Unlock Level 1
Inventory Slot Throwable
Weapon Type Explosive Material
Damage 1,600
Capacity 3
Internal name dynamite
Swedish engineer, Alfred Nobel, discovered dynamite and its effectiveness in blasting rock.
But it was drunk prospector, Ol' Kenneth, who discovered its effectiveness in blasting people.
Poor Ol' Kenneth.

Dynamite is the third throwable weapon added to PAYDAY 2. It is part of The Butcher's Western Pack DLC.


Dynamite can be thrown by pressing "3" (by default) and has approximated fuse time of 3 seconds. It can be bounced through doorways and around corners if thrown carefully, and are powerful enough to kill weaker enemies instantly. Stronger opponents (such as Heavy Response Units and Maximum Force Responders) will usually be knocked down and often lose their helmets; this is purely aesthetic and no extra headshot damage is granted. Dynamite causes damage to most destructible objects in the game, and can be used to complete the damage objectives of Mallcrasher. However, they will also destroy boards placed over windows and computers in the lab of Big Oil, potentially destroying a valuable clue.

DLC owners spawn with three bundles of dynamite, had they equipped it as their throwable.


The damage dealt by dynamite decreases as distance from the explosion increases. At a distance of 0 meters from the explosion, enemies will take 1600 damage. At a distance of 5 meters from the explosion, the damage dealt is down to 0. The formula 300*(1-distance/maxDistance)^3 (probably outdated now) determines the damage dealt by dynamite, where distance is the distance between an enemy and the explosion, and maxDistance is the maximum range of the explosion, 5 meters. If the enemy is wearing heavy armor, the damage is multiplied by an additional value between 0.6 and 0.7.


Dynamite cannot be detonated prematurely if struck by gunfire. This makes it a safer alternative to Frag Grenades as they can be thrown during an intense firefight without risking premature detonation by stray bullets. Dynamite also does damage through walls, so beware of throwing them near teammates, even if separated by a wall. 

Bulldozers will always be stunned by dynamite explosions and stagger backwards if they are within the 5 meter blast radius. Take advantage of this to repel incoming attackers when low on ammo. In addition, the explosion can remove his faceplate or visor, potentially exposing his face to regular damage.


The Nobel Prize The Nobel Prize
Kill 3 enemies at the same time with the Dynamite.


  • The Nobel Prize achievement is a reference to Alfred Nobel who invented Dynamite in 1866 to be used in the mining industry. Additionally, its name is also a nod to the set of annual international awards for outstanding contributions to humanity named in honor of Nobel himself.
  • Despite the normal frag grenade exploding upon being hit with gunfire, and the dynamite not, the exact opposite would happen in reality. Dynamite uses small amounts of nitroglycerin, which is highly sensitive (even though powdered to reduce volatility) and can (relatively) easily detonate; freshly-made dynamite sticks, though, are much harder to trigger with mechanical shock due to the chemicals-diatomaceous earth stabilizer mixture still being relatively strong at that point.
  • Similar to the Molotov Cocktail, using the Dynamite doesn't have the player light it, but instead takes an already-lit one out. This would be very dangerous in real life, as storing already lit ones within their pockets will make the suits catch on fire as well as a high risk of premature detonation.


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