Duck And Cover U100

Duck And Cover
Ghost: Artful Dodger Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Your stamina starts regenerating 25% earlier and 25% faster. You also sprint 25% faster.
Ace (3 pt): You have a 10% increased chance to dodge while sprinting. You gain 15% chance to dodge while ziplining.


The Basic flavor of Duck and Cover increases the player's sprinting speed by a fixed value of 0.25 on top of their armor's current speed modifier (if any). This stacks with the effects of Parkour Basic, granting the player even more agility. It also causes the player to regenerate stamina 0.1 seconds (out of 0.4) earlier than usual and regain up to 3.75 points of it per second as opposed to the standard 3.

The benefits of Duck and Cover Ace is quite self-explanatory.


Players investing in this skill for a dodge build will likely wish to pursue the Rogue or Crook perk decks. Without either deck, the skill will have no effect whatsoever aside from the suit. The skill has the greatest effect on light armors and the suit - higher-level armors have a much greater dodge reduction, which can almost or completely negate the bonus. Duck and Cover is highly effective in large, open heists such as the Transport: Crossroads, Hoxton Breakout and Hotline Miami.


  • The ziplining part doesn't actually work.


  • The name of the skill is a reference to the early Cold War-era strategy of surviving nuclear bombs, which consisted of "ducking" beneath or beside solid structures and "covering" exposed areas of their body. A demonstrative PSA can be viewed here.
  • The skill's post-Update #100 boosts to sprinting ability came from the Sprinter skill, while the aced version's effect of increased dodge while ziplining came from Daredevil Aced.
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