Drill Sawgeant

Drill Sawgeant
Technician: Breacher Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your drill and saw timer is decreased by 15%.
Ace (4 pt): Your drill and saw timer is decreased by an additional 15%.


Technicians with this skill can either make use of its speed bonus by placing a new drill or by upgrading an already placed drill. Upgrading a drill takes 10 seconds, which is longer than the 3 seconds it takes to place a new drill, so whenever possible, placing the drill should be left to players with Drill Sawgeant to save time. Drills which can be upgraded are outlined in blue while they are running, however there is no visual cue to indicate jammed drills which can be upgraded.

Note: The sawing references to the saws in the Aftershock, Panic Room, Green Bridge and Goat Simulator heists. It doesn't alter the OVE9000 saw in any way.


As drills are necessary for the majority of heists in this game, acing this skill will likely prove to be a worthwhile investment. Players with this skill should communicate with their team in order to prevent other players from placing a non-upgraded drill. Generally it is more efficient to wait for a player with this skill to set up the drill, but if for some reason that player is unavailable (too far away, pinned down by enemies, or in custody for example), other players should start the drill to allow it to begin making progress. Note that fixing a drill, if done by a player with an improved drill skill, will automatically upgrade it in the same action for less time. A drill breaking during the upgrade process will interrupt the player's upgrade, however upgrading sooner than later is preferred as the upgraded drill time will be based on the current time remaining, not the original total.

Notes Edit

  • There are two exceptions to the effects of Drill Sawgeant (and to all drill skills, for that matter): The Beast, and the Big Fucking Drill. None of the drill skills will affect their speed or behavior.
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