Die Hard U100

Die Hard
Enforcer: Tank Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You take 50% less damage while interacting with objects.
Ace (4 pt): Increases the armor of all Ballistic vests by 20.


The mechanics are fairly straight forward. While using any object that has an interaction phase/wheel with Die Hard basic active, any and all damage taken will be halved while the Aced version simply improves the protection rating of all Ballistic Vest-type armors.


This skill can be handy to have if the player often has to interact with objectives, setting up drills or refilling ammo/health at a deployable bag where they can come under fire from multiple hostiles without being able to retaliate.

The aced version is handy for ballistic vest users who are looking for an extra bit of armor and synergizes well with the Crook perk deck.

Die Hard

Die Hard
Enforcer Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): You can use your primary weapon in bleedout.
Ace (3 pt): Your armor recovers 15% faster.


The main function of Die Hard is to allow players to wield their primary weapons when entering bleedout mode, which can prove useful when defending an area or providing suppressing fire for a team mate that is occupied with reviving the player.

If Aced, the skill also reduces the player's armor recovery delay by 10%. Once armor suppression is factored in, the actual armor recovery speed boost is merely 8%, or down to 3.7 seconds.


A player's offensive capability during bleedout mode is often hampered by the low power and/or general unreliability of their secondary weapon (e.g Chimano 88). Having Die Hard enables them to use their primary weapon alongside their sidearm, boosting their bleedout combat efficiency significantly.

Due to the fact that most primary weapons have subpar-to-horrible hipfire accuracy, and by default ironsights are not usable in bleedout, it is recommended that the player has also aced Nerves of Steel to assist with aiming. This, combined with the effects of Aced Tough Guy and Aced Berserker, will allow the player to dish out damage for much longer than usual, giving their team mates ample time (and cover) to help them up or secure an objective in the event that the downed player cannot be saved.

Masterminds may want to consider this skill if they plan on using Pistol Messiah, as they may wish to save their revive charge(s) while still being able to defend themselves should they go down in an area where their teammates can easily reach them.

The aced version of the skill works well when paired with Bulletproof aced, giving the player a 32% faster armour recovery rate, at 3.02 seconds. Having a quicker recovery rate with armors such as the Two-Piece Suit can be very helpful, since the armour's defences will be penetrated rather quickly, leaving a player exposed to health damage. Remember that a player must not be taking damage for this skill to work.


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