Note: In Update #100, Daredevil's base effects were moved to the basic version of Parkour, while its aced effects were moved to the aced version of Duck And Cover. This skill is still available on the Playstation 4 and XBox One versions.


Fugitive Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Increases your climbing speed by 20%.
Ace (3 pt): You gain a 15% dodge chance while zip-lining.


The daredevil basic skill confers a 20% movement bonus to players when moving up or down ladders. The aced version offers an additional 15% dodge while using ziplines.


The daredevil skill is of dubious usefulness except in scenarios where one expects to be regularly using ladders (or ziplines, if aced). Few heists have ladders, and even fewer have ziplines. As a result the effects of the basic skill is limited to, for instance, GO Bank and Shadow Raid, whereas the aced version is limited to heists such as Big Bank and White Xmas.

The aced version may be of use for a specific dodge-based build for players hoping to unlock the Last Action Villain and Didn't See That Coming Did You? achievements.


  • The name of the skill may be a reference to the fictional superhero Daredevil.
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