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DMR Kit (AK)
Type BarrelIcon Barrel
Price $9,000
Drop Achievement
Total Ammo Varies
Damage Varies
Accuracy +4
Stability Varies
Concealment -4
Internal name wpn_fps_upg_ass_ak_b_zastava

The DMR Kit is a Weapon Modification in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of the The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack DLC.


The DMR Kit is a Barrel mod that increases Accuracy and Damage, while reducing Stability, Concealment and your Ammo Pool. It can be unlocked by completing Here Comes the Pain Train achievement, and only purchased if you own the DLC. Once unlocked you will have an unlimited amount in stock.

Weapons with this modification installed halve their ammo pickup rate.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Assault RifleEdit


Here Comes the Pain Train Here Comes the Pain Train
In the Firestarter job, complete the heist on OVERKILL difficulty or above, with all days done in loud and with a crew of 4 players using unmodified "AK Rifle" rifles and "PARA" submachine guns. Unlocks the "DMR Kit AK.762" and the "Low Drag Magazine" for the AK weapon family, "Timothy" mask, "Prehistorical" material and "Dinosaur Stripes" pattern.


  • The barrel appears to be based off the barrel of the Zastava M76, as evidenced by the string IDs referencing the textures for it bearing 'zastava' and 'm76' in their names.
    • Operation-wise, it appears that this mod was based on the Zastava M91's barrel instead, as the 7.62x54mmR cartridges it fires are of the same diameter as the 7.62x39mm rounds used by various AK derivatives which in turn enables them to use the barrel mod.
  • The barrel alone does not usually indicate what designation the weapon has, the DMR qualification usually encompasses the rifle's various accessories such as bipods, grips, scopes and stocks in addition to barrels. A more accurate name for the in-game mod would be DMR Barrel.
  • The Here Comes the Pain Train achievement refers to the modification as the "DMR Kit AK.762", suggesting that it was originally only intended to be equipped on the AK.762 and not the AK.


Modpack day1 dmr kit

Mod displayed on teaser site

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