Crime Spree is a feature released at day 4 of The Search for Kento Event. It basically involves the crew chaining along a large amount of completed heists in a row that will progressively get harder with each successful mission.

Players need to be at least level 60 or have gone Infamous at least once to access Crime Spree.

One important thing to note is that the rewards gained from the Crime Spree are completely independent from those in typical gameplay. Gathering loot is pointless after the bare minimum has been secured, as additional loot will not increase the money or experience awarded when finishing a spree. The goal is to finish heists as soon as possible and any additional effort is wasted.


Crime Spree is essentially an endurance mode with similar elements to the old Pro Job system.

Crime Sprees can begin at as low as 0 CSSpreeIcon, equivalent to the usual Overkill difficulty, and will progressively get harder with each completed heist.

A Spree can be started by clicking on the yellow "Crime Spree" button on the screen and paying an entrance fee, though starting at 0 CSSpreeIcon is free. For a high CC cost the lobby can start at a higher Crime Spree level, which grants bigger rewards, but also higher risk. Starting at 20 CSSpreeIcon and 40 CSSpreeIcon will cost 10 additional coins per level, up to a maximum of CCoinIcon 20, and beginning a spree at one's previous best will cost upwards of hundreds, if not thousands, depending on how far they've gone. When joining a Spree in progress, the highest level one can participate in is their own personal record from previous runs.

Sprees in progress may be suspended, effectively pausing the streak(s) until the host wishes to resume their progress, or they may be ended by cashing in the rewards, either at will or by failing (see below). A suspended Spree can be resumed at anytime via the same button used to start it, with the button label showing the player's current score.


The host of a session is presented with three choices of heist upon first starting a Spree, and during the break time between each mission. All mission available in a Spree are one-day heists, or certain days of a multi-stage heist.

Re-rolling is possible, but will cost CCoinIcon 6, with the cost doubling every third attempt.


Every time the lobby completes a mission, they are rewarded with a 3 CSSpreeIcon to 15 CSSpreeIcon increase in spree rank. These ranks accumulate until they reach certain milestones where additional rewards can be claimed. As of current, there are three milestones that will award an achievement when reached for the first time (see below). Other than that, each completed mission will give out several payday cards that accumulate into a pool. The guaranteed rewards are represented by their own card type, and are always XP, money, Continental coins and certain armor skins. Less certain ones (represented by question marked cards) will be either mask components, weapon mods (broken), XP (broken) or money (broken). Money and XP given this way are not returned and are basically dud-rolls.

As soon as one desires, they can cash in their earnings and leave, though this must be done in between heists. This continues along until they eventually fail, whereupon they will be forced to cash in their rewards, or pay a considerable amount of Continental Coins to maintain the current spree. Claiming one's rewards will eject the player from the lobby and ending their spree. Joining other player's Sprees will add to the reward stockpile, as each player has their own separate section, though a "drop-in" player can only earn credit for heists they actually participate in.


Gameplay modifiers are special effects that, like mutators, serve to make gameplay more challenging for the whole lobby the further they go up the Spree. Initially 3 options are available. Every 20 CSSpreeIcon, players must take one additional Loud modifier. Every 26 CSSpreeIcon, players must take an additional Stealth modifier. Every 50 CSSpreeIcon, there will additionally be a Forced Loud modifier that boosts enemy health and damage.

The lobby cannot proceed with their Spree until the host has selected one out of three options. Starting at the two higher tiers will have the host pick more than one modifier appropriate to where they are; beginning a new Spree at 26 CSSpreeIcon will present the lobby with two modifiers (1 Loud - 1 Stealth), and starting at 40 CSSpreeIcon will require the host to pick three (2 Loud - 1 Stealth).

Several modifiers may repeat multiple times, and some will stack if picked more than once (see below). Hover over the modifers' icons to see their effect(s).

Gage PerksEdit

Gage Perks are purchases much like Assets that influence a single heist only. Each player can purchase one for CCoinIcon 18, which will then affect the entire team for the duration of the heist, making them roughly equal to the crew bonuses of PAYDAY: The Heist. Unlike crew bonuses, however, Gage Perks do not exclude the player(s) who bought them.

Note that some perks are not available during certain heists. For example, a loud-only heist will not offer Speed Talker, due to the lack of pagers.

CS-damagedodger Damage Dodger
All players gain 0.5 base damage absorption.
CS-ammopilfer Ammo Pilfer
All players receive +15% extra total ammo.
CS-lockpickerking Lockpicker King
Players pick locks 25% faster.
CS-extrabodybags Extra Body Bags
Players will receive and carry 2 extra body bags.
CS-extraarmor Extra Armor
All players receive 10% extra armor.
CS-blastresistance Blast Resistance
Players cannot receive damage from explosives.
CS-moretodeploy More to Deploy
All players receive 50% extra deployables (Minimum 1).
CS-healthboost Health Boost
All players receive 10% extra health.
CS-rapidreloader Rapid Reloader
All players reload time is decreased by 25%.
CS-moretothrow More to Throw
All players receive 70% extra throwables (Minimum 1).
CS-staminaboost Stamina Boost
All players receive 10% extra stamina.
CS-someinvulnerability Some Invulnerability
Players gain invulnerability for 5 seconds after killing a special enemy with a melee attack.
CS-selfhealer Self Healer
Players will recover some health when killing an enemy. This can only occur once every 5 seconds.
CS-onemoredown One More Down
All players can go down 1 extra time before going into custody.
CS-swiftswapper Swift Swapper
All players time between switching weapons is decreased by 50%.
CS-speedtalker Speed Talker
Players answer pagers 50% faster.


Indulge in Crime Indulge in Crime
Reach rank 50 in the Crime Spree.
Revel in Criminal Activity Revel in Criminal Activity
Reach rank 100 in the Crime Spree.
A Vast Amount of Unlawful Transgressions A Vast Amount of Unlawful Transgressions
Reach rank 250 in the Crime Spree.
Unlocks the Mega Rust mask.


  • During an earlier stream more Gage Perks were shown than were shipped with the actual function (3 pages compared to 2 in the release). Some of the cut ones are Adrenaline Shots, Fast Feet, and Grim Reaper, and additionally, several of the pre-release perks had different names than in the final version.
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