Mastermind: Controller Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): The power and range of your intimidation is increased by 50%.
Ace (4 pt): You can now have 2 converted enemies at the same time.


The basic version of this skill increases your intimidation (shouting) range by 50%.
The aced version allows you to convert 2 dominated law enforcers. In order to use this you are required to use Joker Basic, otherwise it has no effect at all.


Its basic effect of allowing you to shout further also has uses in marking (which uses shout distance) or telling civilians to lay down. It can not be used to increase Inspire range.

Do not bother purchasing the Aced version of this skill if not possessing Joker yet, it will do nothing. If Joker is also owned however, this allows you to utilise more hostage guards as additional damage dealer, provided other skills are also purchased preventing them to meet their untimely demise early on.



  • There is no increase in power from the Basic skill, despite being claimed so by the text.
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