Combat Engineering

Combat Engineering
Technician: Breacher Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): The radius of your trip mine explosion is increase by 30%.
Ace (4 pt): Your trip mine damage is increase by 50%.

Combat Engineer

Combat Engineer
Technician Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): Allows you to turn trip mines on or off.
Ace (3 pt): Upgrades your trip mines with a sensor mode (by replacing the "off" mode). Guards and special enemies that go past your trip mines while in sensor mode are highlighted for you and your crew.


Turning off a trip mine will simply disable the visible red laser protruding from the explosive charge. Law enforcers moving in close proximity to the mine will have no effect; the mine will will not detonate. However, if shot at or caught in the explosion radius of grenades, the trip mine will explode as usual.

Trip mines active in sensor mode will have a laser protruding from them, but this laser is blue instead of the default red. Law enforcers passing through this laser will cause an audible tone to play briefly. Law enforcers passing through the beam of a trip mine in sensor mode will not detonate the explosive charge, nor would they be alerted, though the charge can still be activated by stray gunfire or through the use of grenades.

Note that activating the trip mine's sensor mode before the trip mine has been fully deployed will cause the trip mine to divert back to it's primed version. A player would either need to reactivate the mine, or wait for the mine to be fully deployed.


Though this skill has limited use in loud situations, it can be used to great effect on stealth heists, such as Framing Frame. A trip mine in sensor mode can be placed in the path of a guard patrol to alert players if there is a guard nearby. Framing Frame, especially day 3, can realize the full benefits of this skill because guards maneuver in tight spaces and frequently double back, which can surprise or pin down the player. On Death Wish, this skill gains additional benefits on Framing Frame because guards do not carry flashlights, making it exceptionally easy for guards to take the player by surprise.

In loud, the skill still has some use, as they can act as mini-Spotters in tight spaces like the Big Bank vault area. They can be used to warn the team of incoming Specials, giving the team more time to prepare and not get caught off-guard by a Cloaker or even a Bulldozer. In smaller areas, one or two sensor mines are sufficient, though in larger maps not even six is enough.

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