China Puff 40mm

China Puff

China Puff FBI Files

Unlock Level 39
Inventory Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Special
Firing Mode(s) Pump action SemiIcon
Cost $896,000
Magazine 3
Total Ammo 6
Rate of Fire 40
Damage 1,300
Accuracy 96
Stability 96
Concealment 18
Threat 37
Internal name china
Achievement(s) Blow-Out
Mod stats

The China Puff 40mm grenade launcher is a secondary weapon in PAYDAY 2 added with the PAYDAY 2 Wolf Pack.


The China Puff is a 3-shot grenade launcher, having mostly similar stats to the GL40. Unique to the game; the weapon is a pump-action grenade launcher that uses a tubular magazine, it is essentially an oversized pump-action shotgun that fires grenade rounds.

Unlike other grenade launchers in general, however, the China Puff is treated as a secondary special weapon, rather than a primary one, allowing players to bring a primary weapon of their choice to make them more versatile in the field.

Due to the simple feeding system, the China Puff also has the shortest reload time of all the grenade launchers in the game; in the time it takes for a GL40 or Piglet to load 1 new round, the China Puff can load all 3 rounds and be ready to fire. As such, it is very easy to unleash quick bombardments of grenades to clear out groups of enemies, akin to the Piglet.

Like the GL40, the China Puff also has a flip-up leaf sight to allow for distant bombardment that can be toggled up or down using the gadget key.



  • Very high damage (can one-shot kill any unit except for Cloakers and Bulldozers on lower difficulties)
  • Fast reload speed
  • Can kill entire groups of enemies with a single well-placed shot
  • Moderate base concealment that can be increased to decent levels
  • Has a built-in flip-up gadget-sight


  • Extremely limited max ammo
  • Low ammo replenishment rate from ammo drops
  • Capable of friendly fire; self damage can completely shred lower strength armors
  • Expensive
  • Very limited modifications available

Compared to:

  • Greater base damage
  • Smaller splash radius (3.5m)
  • Both inflict friendly fire damage, though the China Puff does 20% less friendly fire damage making it less potent
  • Both can be shot to explode
  • Much better range
  • Can be replenished from ammo drops
  • Cannot be bounced off of surfaces to avoid direct exposure to enemy fire

  • Same base damage and splash radius
  • Same size ammo reserve
  • 300% magazine capacity
  • Less concealable
  • Faster reload

  • Same base damage and splash radius
  • Has only 1/2 of the ammo in reserve
  • 50% smaller magazine
  • Slightly slower firing speed
  • More concealable, especially with modifications
  • Faster reload
  • Has a flip-up leaf sight
  • Can't equip gadgets

  • Higher damage
  • Shorter reload
  • Same accuracy and stability
  • Slightly slower rate of fire
  • Shorter range
  • Smaller magazine
  • Less reserve ammunition


  • The China Puff is often treated as a middle ground weapon between the GL40 and the Piglet.
  • A fully automatic rifle can pair well with this grenade launcher to counter its low rate of fire and low ammunition reserve.
  • Do not fire a grenade at a lone enemy target unless necessary. Save ammunition for groups or for special units.
  • Enforcers can carry ammo bags and replenish ammo frequently.
  • Be wary of Tasers, as a flailing player might fire at nearby civilians or damage other teammates, possibly themselves in the process if the grenades hit something too close. On the flip side, aiming towards the attacking Taser may shake him off while dealing him high damage that can potentially kill him as well.
  • Using this against Cloakers is not very effective since miscalculated shots may not effectively stun a charging unit and firing at one too close to the player will incur damage to both parties.
  • A quick shot can be fired at a Bulldozer to remove his faceplate. More often than not, the inner glass visor will be shattered as well, exposing his vulnerable face to headshots.
  • The China Puff is an excellent to counter Shields on any difficulty.
  • Skilled technicians with sentry guns can use the China Puff to soften or finish off stronger enemies if there are too many enemies for said deployables. The grenade launcher is a good explosive weapon without the need to sacrifice a primary weapon or use the restrictive HRL-7 as ammo pickups cannot be used to replenish its reserve. However, caution must be exercised to ensure the sentry guns are not harmed.

Available modificationsEdit

Incendiary Round Cost: $9,000 | The Butcher's BBQ Pack - Infinite Granted
Incendiary Round
Total ammo Magazine Reload
Damage -1270 Accuracy Stability
Concealment Threat

Concealment Cost: $9,000 | Base game - Card Drop & Side Job
Total ammo Magazine Reload
Damage Accuracy Stability
Concealment +1 Threat

Stability Cost: $9,000 | Base game - Card Drop & Side Job
Total ammo Magazine Reload
Damage Accuracy Stability +4
Concealment Threat

Accuracy Cost: $9,000 | Base game - Card Drop & Side Job
Total ammo Magazine Reload
Damage Accuracy +4 Stability
Concealment Threat

Team Boost Cost: $9,000 | Base game - Card Drop & Side Job
Total ammo Magazine Reload
Damage Accuracy Stability
Concealment Threat

Special Effect: +3% Experience & money reward for you and your crew.

Riot Stock Cost: $9,000 | Base game - Card Drop & Side Job
Riot Stock
Total ammo Magazine Reload
Damage Accuracy Stability -4
Concealment +4 Threat


  • The Maya civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization developed by the Maya peoples, and noted for its hieroglyphic script—the only known fully developed writing system of the pre-Columbian Americas—as well as for its art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system.


Blow-Out Blow-Out
Complete the Undercover job on OVERKILL difficulty or above, using only a grenade launcher or rocket launcher.


800px-PD2 China Lake misc

Dragan inspecting the China Puff, while also demonstrating a terrible display of trigger discipline.

  • This weapon is based on the China Lake grenade launcher, which is essentially a pump-action M79. Its inclusion in the Wolf Pack is most likely a homage to the GL40 from the first game.
    • Its availability in-game is somewhat odd, as China Lakes are exceedingly rare in reality, even more so than the already-incredibly limited Walther WA2000. Throughout a development cycle of only one year, only about 50 launcher units were slated for assembly. Most of them have never been made into completely functional models; of them only four operable units remain to date, all of which have been disabled, stored and are now displayed in extremely limited availability in several museums across the world.
    • Seeing as it is apparently offered for regular use, the launcher could conceivably be a blackmarket reproduction of the original launcher with some modifications to get rid of the China Lake's notable faults.
  • Unlike some of the other weapons, inspecting the weapon shows the user exercising very poor trigger discipline.
  • It is the second weapon to have a built-in gadget in the form of a front flip-up sight, after the GL40.
    • As is common in videogames, the players does not actually set the notches on the sight for elevation, going by a random range marker instead. Doing this in reality would result in shots landing way off from desired targets and most of the blind calculation will have to be done by the shooters themselves.
    • Also like the GL40, the China Puff's sight flips up automatically when toggled without any interaction from the player characters themselves.
  • Like the GL40 and Piglet, the China Puff's grenades can explode immediately upon leaving the barrel if they hit something. Being hazardous aside, this is highly unrealistic as launched grenades usually need to have traveled a varying distance between 2 and 14 meters based on the specific grenade model used. Furthermore, they must have revolved a set number of revolutions before their fuses could even prime. This was included as a safety measure against premature collision which, like in the game, can catch the user in the blast.
    • An unprimed grenade round would still deal a considerable amount of impact damage akin to a hard punch if it hits a lightly-armored man-sized target, however, enough to stun or incapacitate them depending on how well-protected the victim is.
  • When translated to Swedish, the weapon shares its name with a chocolate candy, kinapuffar, produced by Fazer. It also shares the its name with the old Swedish firecracker kina puff, which could mean that it was Wolf who nicknamed it after the firecrackers of his youth.


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