Ghost: Shinobi Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Increases the time before you start getting detected by 25% while in casing mode. You can also mark enemies while in casing mode.
Ace (3 pt): You can pick up items while in casing mode. You also gain 30% more value to items and cash that you pick up.


Ghost Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): In casing mode, you can now mark guards, cameras and your concealment is increased by 25%.
Ace (3 pt): You are 15% less likely to be targeted when you are close to your crew members.


Despite its potentially misleading description, Chameleon basic simply slows down the rate at which detection builds up while in casing mode by 25% (i.e., multiplies it by 0.75). The skill does not have any impact on your detection risk or on the distance from which you can be spotted. [1]

The Aced version is slightly more complex due to the nature of AI targeting logic; when enemies are deciding which player to engage, they consider a number of factors (such as whether that player fired a weapon, shot directly at them, or damaged them recently; how close that player is, with three range brackets; whether that player is reviving another player; and so on) and build up a set of threat levels, then attack the player with the lowest threat level, their evaluation of player threat mimicking the DEFCON system. Chameleon Ace does two key things to these calculations:

  • It reduces the time considerations for shooting at, harming, or alerting an enemy, so those factors have less of an impact on the player's threat level.
  • It divides the player's apparent distance by 0.85; thus, a player that is 10 meters away is considered to be approximately 11.75 meters away.

If all players on a team have the aced version of this skill, the targeting priority of each player is effectively the same as if none of them had the skill, assuming they are all standing the same distance away from a given opponent.

The 15% reduction provided by this skill also stacks with the reduction of the same value within the Rogue deck.

For a more detailed breakdown of the system which enemies use to select targets, see the 'Target Priority...' header of The Long Guide.


Players with this skill should remain unmasked as long as possible and act as a scout for masked up teammates, marking guards and cameras or locating objectives without significant fear of detection. Additionally, players taking on this role should wear the least detectable gear possible to minimize risk of detection. This style of play is especially useful on heists like Big Bank or Bank Heist, where large numbers of civilians, guards, and cameras make the map difficult to traverse while masked up. Note that this skill is not a cure-all in stealth and that players can still be detected without their masks on if walking too near a guard (even from behind) or lingering near a camera. With or without this skill, civilians will never spot a player who has not put on their mask for any reason.

In loud heists (or heists where the player begins with their mask on, such as Framing Frame or Shadow Raid), the basic version of this skill has no use whatsoever. The aced version does make the player slightly less likely to be attacked by enemies, but simpler methods can be employed to reduce the player's target priority[1]. Simplest of all, though often unavoidable or undesirable, players can avoid becoming a target by refraining from shooting at enemies. It should be noted that this is of great value when working offline as the player can concentrate on completing the objectives while deflecting attention to the AI heisters.


  • The icon is probably based on this image, which is associated with the internet activist group Anonymous.


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