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Chain Whip
Chain Whip
Unlock Level 15
Inventory Slot Melee
Melee Type Fists • Blunt
Damage 70 165 260 355 450
Knockdown 70 165 260 355 450
Charge Time 0s 1s 2s 3s 4s
Range 1.85 meters
Concealment 29
Internal name road
When it comes to non-gunpowder-fighting, Rust likes to take it back to the old days when a whip was all you needed. He’s upgraded it a bit though, to a metal Chain Whip that’ll cause some serious damage.

The Chain Whip is a melee weapon available in PAYDAY 2, added as part of the Biker Character Pack.


It is a length of metal chain that has been weaponized. It shares similarities in stats with many two-handed melee weapons.

The Chain Whip inflicts the same amount of damage and knockdown, and has the same charge time. When charging the weapon, the user will spin the chain before striking.

The major issues with the Whip is it has a small hit range and there is a noticable delay before the user can strike, thus it can be hard to land quick, accurate hits on targets.


  • It is recommended that players prepare a charge before attacking enemies.
  • If a player wishes for more damage, it is recommended they get Berserker and ace Pumping Iron from the Fugitive skill tree.
  • If a player wishes for more knockdown, it is recommended they ace Martial Arts from the Fugitive skill tree.


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