This article is about the special enemies featured in PAYDAY 2. For the list of special enemies encountered in PAYDAY: The Heist, see Category:Special enemies.

Special Enemies are a class of enemy that have unique abilities and fulfill specific roles during or after a police assault.

They have several common mechanics that make them different from regular enemies:

  • They can be highlighted even in a firefight by shouting at them.
    • Doing so will trigger a vocal response from the player character indicating the special unit type.
  • They will trigger a vocal response from the player character when killed.
  • They cannot be intimidated or converted.
  • Each type has a specific limit, which changes with the heist's difficulty, that regulates how many can be present in a map at any time.
  • The number of special units a player kills is counted separately from other kills.
  • They are immune to skills and perks which cause panic, and do not flail around while burning (though they usually stop performing certain actions while on fire, and will use a fire death animation if it kills them).
  • Their presence triggers special voicelines and different tactics in other law enforcers.

There are eight types of special enemies, each having their own unique abilities:

  • Bulldozer - Heavily armoured and heavily armed unit that spearheads law enforcement assaults; comes in several varieties that vary in effective range and damage output.
  • Cloaker - Generally waits in ambush or hides in plain sight. Capable of an instant-incapacitation close quarters attack and incredible bursts of speed. Can drop smoke grenades.
  • Shield - Wields a full-body shield, making it (and any other troops behind the shield) impervious to frontal attacks from most weapons.
  • Sniper - Deals high, armor-penetrating damage from extreme distance. Only spawns in set positions in maps.
  • Taser - Electrocutes heisters, making them fire uncontrollably and preventing movement. Incapacitation follows if the Taser isn't interrupted.
  • SWAT Van Turret - Stationary (or semi-stationary), but incredibly durable. Deals out intense and sustained damage to any heister in its sight, and capable of self-repair.
  • Captain Winters - Locks assault wave for the duration of his presence, and increases cops' damage resistance when on the field. Carries a specially made shield, and is accompanied by a battalion of soldiers with similar armaments.
  • Medic - Instantly restores the health of any law enforcer he focuses on (except SWAT turrets, Cloakers, and Captain Winters), allowing them to survive shots that would otherwise prove fatal.