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Big Oil

Job bigoil 01

FBI Files Big Oil Day 2

Heist Info
Contractor The Elephant
Contract Days 2
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 15%
Loot Coke
Assault Rifles
Experience (day 1) 6,000 (completion)
+6,000 (opening TITAN safe)
+1,500 (per item picked up from table)
Experience (day 2) +6,000 (completion)
+3,000 (finding computer)
+6,000 (hack completed)
+6,000 (secured right engine)
Internal name welcome_to_the_jungle
Achievement(s) I Knew What I Did Was Wrong Doctor Fantastic Dr. Miserable Changing the World... House Keeping Boston Saints
Who Killed the Lights? Dirty Energy
Election Day

Job electionday 01

Election Day FBI Files

Heist Info
Contractor The Elephant
Contract Days 2
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 5-20%
Loot Money
Experience (day 1) 2,000 (stealth escape within 3 minutes)
6,000 (stealth escape after 3 minutes)
12,000 (loud escape; first hack finished)
+12,000 (second hack finished)
Experience (day 2
8,000 (stealth escape within 3 minutes)
14,000 (stealth escape after 3 minutes)
18,000 (loud escape)
Experience (day 2
20,000 (completion)
Internal name election_day
Achievement(s) I'm a Swinger Death Wish Swinger Yes We Can! Master Detective Murphy's Law Hot Lava 2.0 Storage Hunter
Reputation Beyond Reproach Speedlock Holmes 4 More Years Only Losers Play Fair
Trophies Trophy-Computer
Framing Frame

Job gallery

Framing Frame FBI Files

Heist Info
Contractor The Elephant
Contract Days 3
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 3-25%
Escapes Garage Escape
Cafe Escape
Overpass Escape
Park Escape
Loot Money
Experience (day 1) 2,000 (escape)
+6,000 (security hack complete)
+500 (per painting secured)
Experience (day 2) 2,000 (escape)
+500 (per bag secured)
Experience (day 3) 2,000 (stealth completion)
+1,000 (per coke bag planted)
+1,000 (per gold secured)
+300 (per item placed on roof)
8,000 (loud completion)
+8,000 (entering server room)
+8,000 (completing hack)
Internal name framing_frame
Achievement(s) Painting Yourself Into a Corner Big Deal I Wasn't Even There! Afraid of the Dark Moonlighting The Wolf Lures You to Your Grave We Do It Live!
What a Flat! Frames Per Second?
Trophies Trophy-TheElephantInTheRoom
The Biker Heist

Job born

The Biker Heist FBI Files

Heist Info DLC HEIST
Contractor The Elephant
Contract Days 2
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✘
Loot Coke
Assault Rifles
BCI Helmet
Experience (day 1) 2,500 (completion)
+3,000 (Mike gets to truck)
+2,000 (collecting tools)
+3,000 (Mike helped to garage)
+8,000 (collected skull)
+3,000 (collected engine)
+2,000 (collected exhaust pipe)
+6,000 (collected seat)
+1,000 (collected drink)
+3,000 (per defending Mike sequence)
+500 (per secured bag)
Experience (day 2) 4,000 (completion)
+6,000 (killed biker boss)
+500 (per secured bag)
Internal name born (day 1, job)
chew (day 2)
Achievement(s) You Got Your Patch! Scavenger Let the Man Work Full Throttle Eye for an Eye Harley Harley Harley Wroom! Davidson Highly Mother-Fucking-Dangerous

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