Note: In Update #100, Cat Burglar's fall damage-reducing effects were made a default gameplay feature, while its custody time-reducing effect was removed from the game. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Cat Burglar

Cat Burglar
Ghost Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): You take 75% less damage from falling.
Ace (3 pt): Your fall damage is reduced so that you only take armor damage from falling from non-fatal heights. Your custody time is reduced by 50%.


Without this skill, fall damage deals 40 health damage to the player (as well as depleting their armor charge).[1] For the basic version of the skill, the player's fall damage from non-fatal heights is heavily reduced that they take only 10 health damage, which is a very small portion of the player's default 230 health. For the aced version, the 75% damage reduction still applies and armor is first damaged, then health. The player's custody time is already halved.


Even at its basic iteration, Cat Burglar is very useful for almost any player build. This can allow players to jump from heights where it is normally ill-advised to do so because of the large damage penalty, a particularly useful asset to have if one needs to escape from an area quickly. For stealthy players, this can allow them to drop from most heights without much regard for their health, increasing their access throughout the map.

Players with Berserker may wish to forgo this skill, as fall damage is a very easy way to deal controllable amounts of health damage to oneself, thereby increasing damage dealt.

The custody time reduction is entirely useless on Very Hard or harder difficulties, where players are required to release a hostage to free a teammate, instead of waiting out a timer.

It should be noted that the ace effect only works if the player has 75% armor capacity upwards, otherwise any damage remaning will be imposed on their health.


  • A cat burglar is a robber who is very stealthy and is usually remains undetected.
  • It is also common to associate a cat burglar with a burglar who enters through a upper window, skylight etc. Which suits the effects of the skill (negating most of the damage from falling from high places)


  1. Frankelstner's "The Long Guide"
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