Note: In Update #100, the full effects of the Camera Loop skill were buffed and moved to the basic version of Nimble. This skill is still available on the Playstation 4 and XBox 360 versions.

Camera Loop

Camera Loop
Ghost Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): Interacting with a camera at close range will cause the camera to temporarily see a pre-recording for the next 10 seconds so you can sneak past it. Your crew can only loop 1 camera at a time.
Ace (8 pt): Camera loop duration is increased by 10 seconds.


Interacting with a camera in close range (which takes 4 seconds) makes it unable to spot anything for 10 seconds (20 seconds with Aced). A looped camera has an outline visible through walls (similar to converted enemies) and makes a noise. When time is out, noise changes and outline blinks for 5 seconds (at this point camera can be looped again), then camera resumes normal operation. Titan cameras can be looped like regular ones, and guards do not get suspicious if they see a looped camera.


This skill is especially useful on heists where a camera operator cannot be eliminated, or on heists where total control of the map is not an option. Because looping a camera is not detectable by guards (unlike shooting out the camera), this skill has no chance of raising suspicion. Many heists have more than 4 guards present on the map, which means all guards cannot be neutralized, and that if a camera is broken, it is only a matter of time before the heisters are detected. Therefore, cameras should only be broken as a last resort. To pass a camera that is placed in an objectionable location (e.g., watching the server room door on Firestarter day 2, watching the vault door on Framing Frame day 3, or watching the final chamber in The Diamond), players with this skill can easily disable the camera for enough time to complete an objective. Without this skill, players would be forced to spend a valuable ECM Jammer to complete the task.

A few heists, such as First World Bank, feature at least two security rooms, with two camera operators. If they are guards, killing/dominating them will count towards the pager limit. If the limit has been reached and the operators cannot be eliminated, camera loop can become invaluable.

However, unlike an ECM Jammer (which can be placed while crouched), camera looping requires the player to be close to the camera and thus often have to stand up to loop the camera. Also, this process cannot be sped up in any manner. This can increase the risk of being detected by a guard.

In a handful of heists, a (titan) camera may spawn right outside a security room, in which it will increase the difficulty to eliminate the camera operator. Destroying them is not a viable solution as a guard, if still alive, may check on the status of a destroyed camera, potentially breaking stealth. Some exceptions include Four Stores in which the two guards will not check the status of the cameras in the coffee shop and convenience store.

On Death Wish difficulty, this skill gains new value with the introduction of titan cameras. Because titan cameras cannot be destroyed by conventional means, this skill becomes an even more useful method of bypassing cameras.


  • Along with Spotter, Camera Loop was added to the game post-release in Update #25, replacing the Lucky Charm skill.
  • It is never explained how a heister that is above or under a camera can apply temporary looping effects to it in such a short time period.
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