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The Cafe Escape during night time.

Cafe is an escape that can take place following several heists. There seems to be two variants of this escape, with one taking place at night, and the other one at day.

Events that leads to this escape includes Bank Heist, Diamond Store, Framing Frame Day 1, Four StoresNightclub, Transport: Downtown, and Jewelry Store/Ukrainian Job.


The players start outside on a street surrounded by skyscrapers. There is a (low) random chance one player is downed at the start of the escape. There is a cafe on the left side of the road, however it can not be entered. The group is forced to stay outside, so staying near the starting car is a considerable idea.


  1. Stay alive until the new escape vehicle arrives.
  2. (Optional) Secure any bags in the escape vehicle.
  3. Escape


A defensible position is immediately outside of the cafe, where the fences provide cover. The escape vehicle will arrive in one of three alleyways. Use the cars as cover while moving to the escape.


Cappuccino to Go, Please Cappuccino to Go, Please
In the Cafe escape, secure all loot and escape within 30 seconds of the escape van arriving.

Note: You can still get this achievement if you have no loot to secure, making this achievement much easier.

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