CAR Quadstacked Mag
CAR Quadstacked Mag
Type MagIcon Magazine
Price $0 (Free) / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Purple Snake Packages
Magazine +30
Accuracy -2
Stability Varies
Concealment -3
Internal name wpn_fps_upg_m4_m_quad

The CAR Quadstacked Mag is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of the Gage Mod Courier DLC.

To acquire one you will have to find and collect 25 Purple Snake packages that are randomly hidden around heists. Once you have found 25 you will receive a Purple Crate that contains this item.


The CAR Quadstacked Mag is an enormous aftermarket Magazine for all STANAG-compatible rifles. It increases the magazine capacity by a whopping 30 rounds, usually doubling the basic reserve, but draws the rifle closer to a support sprayer role. Accuracy and Concealment are penalized, but Stability improves to help with handling wanton burst fire.

Tips Edit

  • This magazine paired with the ace effects of Mag Plus will fill one magazine with half of the CAR-4's ammunition pool.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Assault RifleEdit

Submachine GunEdit


High Speed, Low Drag High Speed, Low Drag
Modify the CAR-4 rifle with a Competition Foregrip, CAR Quadstacked Mag and a Competitor's Compensator.


  • While casket magazines aren't a revolutionary idea, reliability issues made them nothing but a pistol-caliber curiosity for a long time. This is the SureFire MAG5-60 (as opposed to the even more vast MAG5-100), a fairly recent application of the idea in a rifle scale. The patent was accepted in early 2010.
  • The CAR Quadstacked Mag is supposed to hold up to 60 rounds per mag but installing this modification on the AMCAR will only increase the magazine size to 50 instead of 60 as the modification only adds 30 extra rounds to the base stat of the weapon you're installing it on. It's also the same case for the Para, except it will be capped at 55. The 12rnd Mag. for the Crosskill also has a similar effect.

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