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Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Ammo bags placed by you grant players the ability to shoot without depleting their ammunition for up to 5 seconds after interacting with it. The more ammo players replenish, the longer the duration of the effect.
Ace (4 pt): Increases the base duration of the effect by up to 15 seconds.


Bulletstorm activates when a player uses an ammo bag with the upgraded skill by calculating how much total ammo you have when you use the bag. This will allow you to enjoy up to 20 seconds of sustained fire and applies to any weapons. The Aced version is additive to the 5 seconds from Basic version of the skill.


This skill is best used when both weapon runs almost completely dry, as most dry reloads will waste a significant amount of time from the skill. The amount of time you can free-fire increases based on the amount of ammo you restore, with a maximum of 5 (Basic) or 20 (Aced) seconds of no ammo consumption. It can be devastating with an LMG, Explosive weapons or shotgun due to the sheer amount of lead they can put out during this time. It is recommended to Ace this skill, since the basic version's 5 seconds doesn't provide you with much time to shoot.

Bullet Storm

Bullet Storm
Enforcer Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Directly after you deploy an ammo bag, you can fire your weapon for 5 seconds without depleting your ammunition.
Ace (3 pt): You can fire 10 seconds longer without depleting your ammunition.


This skill allows the player to literally dish out a bullet storm. Upon deploying an ammo bag, the player is immediately given 5 seconds of infinite ammo to use, similar to the effects of aced Swan Song. After that 5 seconds, the weapon's magazine will begin depleting. Acing the skill will add an additional 10 seconds to this period.


While a strong skill that can be picked up at a low tier and used to clear many enemies from the vicinity, good strategy must be employed during its use. Priority should still be given to deploy ammo bags at the appropriate moments and a defensible point that the team benefits before considering the effect of this build, as a team will typically require ammo at a good location at the earliest possible instance. The best way to treat this skill is as a bonus for an enforcer instead of his core playstyle.

Weapons with a high rate-of-fire and/or large magazine sizes benefit greatly from this skill, as they can flush out a monstrous count of damage in the given 5-15 seconds, and still have a full magazine to use once that time is up. It is feasible to use a sniper rifle or single-fire shotgun with Bullet Storm, but the tactical advantage gained is not significant, as they fire too slowly to effectively utilize the short period of time given, so one should try to avoid doing so if at all possible. Shotguns with automatic fire, i.e. the IZHMA 12G, or fast rate of fire, e.g. the Judge, are viable matches with this skill, especially when combined with HE rounds.

For users of the Vulcan Minigun, having Bullet Storm aced is a very useful tool, as it simply allows one to spray it without concern for ammo. It is also part of the method to obtaining the "Oh, That’s How You Do It" achievement, which requires you to fire the Minigun for 25 seconds without releasing the trigger or reloading, and thus can only be done if one has maxed out Bullet Storm.


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