Note: In Update #100, Bulletproof's basic effects were debuffed and moved to the basic version of Iron Man, while its aced effects were moved to the basic version of Shock And Awe. This skill is still available on the console versions.


Technician Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): Improves your armor so you can absorb 50% more damage.
Ace (8 pt): The armor recovery rate of you and your crew is increased by 25%.


With the basic version of this skill, the amount of armor offered by the player's equipped armor is multiplied by 1.5. Combined with the Armorer Perk Deck, this skill provide a combined multiplier of 1.85, and enables the maximum armor amount (with the Improved Combined Tactical Vest equipped) to increase to 314.5. This value is higher than even a player's base health, which is 230. [1]

The reduction to armor recharge time stacks with other reductions to armor recharge time multiplicatively, with this skill and Die Hard aced. The two stack to give a recharge time reduction of 63.75% the default value, which translates into 1.09 seconds removed out of the standard 3, decreasing the final recharge time to 1.91 seconds. With the Hitman Deck, which adds 45% armor recovery, it can reach a recharge time of 1.05 seconds. 

Despite the armor recovery animation taking a few moments to appear to complete ingame, armor is instantly regenerated to full as soon as the animation begins [1]

Armor StatsEdit

Armor Basic Bulletproof Bulletproof + Armorer Deck
ICTV 170 255 314.5
CTV 90 135 166.5
Flak 70 105 129.5
Heavy Ballistic 50 75 92.5
Ballistic 40 60 74
Lightweight 30 45 55.5
Suit 20 30 37


On intense loud heists, this skill can be a life saver in the most literal sense. Even with a light armor equipped, the player's survivability increases greatly. With heavy armors such as the Improved Combined Tactical Vest, the player becomes nearly immune to damage. Even Snipers are unable to damage a player with this setup on Deathwish difficulty, as their attacks deal 240 damage and, with this skill, the ICTV has a capacity of 314.5. [1]


  • Despite the name of the skill suggesting total immunity to gunfire, Bulletproof only provides additional protection from it.


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