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Budget Suppressor
Budget Suppressor
Type SuppressorIcon Barrel Extension
Price $0 (Free) / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Bonus (5), Card Drop & Side Job
Damage Varies
Accuracy -4
Concealment -3
Threat Varies
Internal name wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_filter

The Budget Suppressor is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added as part of The Butcher Mod Pack #2.

You will receive 5 Budget Suppressors in your inventory automatically. To get more you will need to complete Side Jobs.


The Budget Suppressor is included in The Butcher Mod Pack #2 gained with the Hype Train Event at 50,000 hype fuel. This suppressor is 100% free and can be added to all non-revolver pistols (e.g. the Bronco .44). By default, all players have 5 Budget Suppressors in their inventory.

In comparison to other suppressors, this seems to be almost entirely useless: Damage reduction in between the Size Doesn't Matter and Standard Issue Suppressors, the same concealment penalty as the Monolith Suppressor, and an accuracy reduction neither of the three possess. However, the advantage it has over other suppressors is that it is always free to equip, and all players are given 5 of this suppressor for no charge. This means it could find use in the hands of new players, as even though they'll have enough money to equip the Standard Issue Suppressor after visiting the Safe House and completing the tutorial heists, they'll generally want to use that money to buy bigger weaponry.

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  • The suppressor is, in fact, simply an oil filter with a bullet hole on one end used as a makeshift sound suppressor. This is somewhat alluded to by its name, as a "budget" item is a cheap, most commonly homemade substitute of dodgy quality for something currently not available.

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