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Bootstrap Compensator
Bootstrap Compensator
Type BarrelExtIcon Barrel Extension
Price $9,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Bonus (1), Card Drop & Side Job
Damage +2
Accuracy +4
Stability +12
Concealment -2
Threat +6
Internal name wpn_fps_ass_tecci_ns_special

The Bootstrap Compensator is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of the Sydney Character Pack DLC.


The Bootstrap Compensator is a Barrel Extension modification that increases Damage, Accuracy, Stability, and Threat at the cost of Concealment.

The Bootstrap Compensator uses the exact same stats as the Competitor's Compensator from the Gage Mod Courier, meaning the only differences between the two are visual appearance, being tied to different DLCs, and the fact that one has to pay to attach the Bootstrap Compensator to the Bootleg.

As the Competitor's Compensator is free to install and is in the easiest Gage Mod Courier crate to obtain, the only reasons to use the Bootstrap over the Competitor is for aesthetics or lack of ownership of the Gage Mod Courier DLC (which is unlikely, given that the Mod Courier is half the price of the Sydney Character Pack, and part of the GOTY while Sydney is not).

Compatible weaponsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

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